Australia – Video of the Art Sea Pearl Exploration Event Released Chinese and Australian Artists Join in the Feast – Chinatown Australia-Australia News Portal

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
"Art Sea Exploring the Pearl Painting Chapter XNUMX", a visual and auditory network exhibition jointly organized by the Australian Chinese Culture and Art Institute, the Australian Chinese Academy of Art, the Australian Alumni Association of the Chinese Academy of Art, and the ERC Robot School, in order to wish Chinese people around the world a happy new year !
                        <h1></h1><h1>《艺海探珠绘画篇一》,由澳洲中国文化艺术研究院,澳洲中国艺术学院,中国美术学院澳大利亚校友会,ERC机器人学校共同举办的视觉与听觉网络展,以此祝愿全球华人们新年快乐!</h1><img src="" title="3e33eb21c080f1ad9411d09a898be2c9.png" alt="3e33eb21c080f1ad9411d09a898be2c9.png" />

                        “唐人街”Fb每日分享澳大利亚精选新闻,让你随时随地知道澳洲最新 @玩乐、@移民、@生活资讯:

[Welcome to the news to discuss cooperation! 】WeChat subscription account: news-china-com-au

"Yihai Zhuzhu Painting Chapter XNUMX" is a grand ceremony of art and music dancing together, visual and auditory resonance

                        “唐人街”Fb每日分享澳大利亚精选新闻,让你随时随地知道澳洲最新 @玩乐、@移民、@生活资讯:

[Welcome to the news to discuss cooperation! 】WeChat subscription account: news-china-com-au

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