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It is said that the public relations team of the British royal family may have been very busy in the past year. On the one hand, Harry Meghan "fighted for independence" and left the United States with his family. . .
            话说最近一年英国王室的公关团队恐怕经常忙得焦头烂额,一边是哈里梅根 " 闹独立

"I went to the United States and fell out with my family, and let the world watch the royal jokes. On the other hand, Prince Andrew, the queen’s second son, was caught up in the Epstein scandal and was scolded by netizens. Better.

But just this week, the royal family finally heard a happy event——

Princess Eugenie, the queen's granddaughter, gave birth to a son, and the royal family welcomed a newcomer.

Princess Eugenie is the daughter of Prince Andrew,

She was engaged to her boyfriend Jack Brooksbank in January 2018. She married on October 1 of the same year. At that time, the princess chose a backless dress. She was 10
She had undergone back surgery for scoliosis when she was XNUMX years old, leaving permanent scars. At the wedding, she did not hide the scars, but deliberately exposed them, hoping to encourage young people who also suffered from the illness. praise.

On September 2020, 9, Buckingham Palace announced good news that Princess Eugenie is pregnant and the expected date of delivery is 25
At the beginning of the year, the couple are eagerly looking forward to the birth of their first child.

Princess Eugenie is also on her Instagram
A photo was posted on the account. The couple was holding a pair of cute bear baby shoes and wrote:"Jack and I are waiting excitedly for 2021
Surprise at the beginning of the year.

On Tuesday, February 2th, Princess Eugenie gave birth to a boy at Portland Women and Children’s Hospital in London.Become a novice mother officially.

She also updated a close-up photo of the hands of the family of three on her Instagram account. Both parents are holding the hands of the newborn baby. They are very loving. The copy is accompanied by three blue hearts.

The Royal Family's Ins account, used by the royal family to publish daily work and life, The Royal Family also posted a post to announce the good news.

"Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie gave birth to a son at the Portland Hospital at 2021:2 on February 9, 8. Father Jack Brooksbank was also present.

The baby weighs 8 pounds 1 ounce (approximately 3.66 kg).

, Prince Philip, Prince Andrew, Eugenie’s mother, Sarah, Duchess of York, and the child’s grandparents, Brooksbank, have all learned of the good news and are happy.

This is Princess Eugenie and Jack
Brooksbank's first child is the first grandson of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York, and the ninth great-grandchild of the Queen and Prince Philip.Princess Eugenie and the child are safe. "

After staying in the hospital for three days, on the 12th local time, Princess Eugenie finally took her son back home to recuperate.

Driven by her husband Brooksbank, Eugenie wore a red plaid dress and a camel coat and sat in the back of the car with a child safety seat next to it, with a newborn baby sitting in it.The squatting media photographed them leaving the hospital. This pair of novice parents seemed to be in a very good mood.

But after all, Eugenie had just given birth a few days ago, and her face looked a little haggard, and she was a bit fatter than before.She did not hide when she saw the media. Instead, she waved and smiled generously at the camera. She was very calm. Generally speaking, she was in good condition. She waved her hand while protecting the safety seat next to her with the other hand, and checked the child's condition from time to time. , Very attentive.
Beaming Princess
Eugenie leaves hospital with beautiful baby boy and proud husband

- Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror)
February 12

The family of three rides in a car, and there is a second car behind it. A hospital nurse rolls out a luggage cart with Princess Eugenie’s hospitalized luggage, including a pink coat and a large bouquet of flowers.

After the photo was exposed, many netizens said that Eugenie’s condition was very real, and this was the real condition shortly after giving birth, even if someone laughed at her "becoming fat"
"Some netizens also stood up to help her go back.

Eugenie has changed a lot, but she did not hide it, but shared the joy with people.

At least she looked natural, as if she had just given birth.

Usually this kind of celebrity (after giving birth) is photographed by the media as if they just came out of a beauty salon.

Congratulations to the couple.

Why does anyone chew on her weight?She just had a baby!The ignorance of these people is incredible.

There are always nasty people! ! !What's going on here! ! !Eugenie has just given birth to a child. What does it matter whether he is fat or thin?

She looked very happy, but she also looked like she had just given birth.

And as mentioned above,Eugenie’s son is the ninth great-grandchild of the queen,He is also 11th on the British throne
The heir in the line is behind her mother Eugenie.

Generally speaking, only the queen’s grandson and granddaughter can obtain royal titles. For example, the three children of Prince William and Princess Kate have the title of prince or princess.

Princess Eugenie’s child does not have a royal title and no official royal position, which means that he will not have to perform any royal duties in the future.

In fact, if the queen wants, she can grant Eugenie’s son the royal title.But Princess Eugenie and his wife seemed not interested in this.

In September last year, a friend of Eugenie and his wife revealed to Vanity Fair that Eugenie did not intend to accept the title given to the child by the queen, because she felt that the title was both a blessing and a curse.
",She and her husband both hope that their children will lead an ordinary life, which will come from their efforts.

Although Eugenie and sister Beatrice both have the title of princess, they are not currently members of the "senior royal family"
"That means it will not perform royal duties on behalf of the Queen. Eugenie's children are of royal blood and civilian status, and will be more "free" than her in the future.

Just like most novice parents, Eugenie is expected to recover for a while after being discharged from the hospital, and slowly adapt to a new life. In any case, the royal family will add new recruits in the new year, which is a long-lost good thing.

She looks good, don't blame her any more, most of us wear sportswear and slippers when we leave the hospital, like a zombie.

She was photographed by the media after she was discharged from the hospital, and Eugenie greeted the media openly.But what the newborn baby looks like and what its name is never revealed.This is somewhat related to the attitude of the Eugenie and his wife that they want to protect their privacy and that their children grow up as ordinary people.

A source revealed that they intend to give the eldest son a "Common name".

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