Australia-Is the shrimp thread really dirty?Is the "shrimp yellow" in the shrimp head prawn shit?5 things Chinese professionals know (Photos) | Chinatown, Australia

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Why are there fewer shrimps for family dinners?Shrimp is not only rich in nutrition and delicious in meat, it also represents a beautiful meaning.In Guangdong

Why are there fewer shrimps for family dinners?


Shrimp is not only rich in nutrition and delicious in meat, it also represents a beautiful meaning.

In Cantonese, "shrimp" and "ha" are homonyms, so eating shrimp has the meaning of "laughing".

Did your family remove the shrimp thread when making shrimp?Is the shrimp thread really dirty?Are there heavy metals in the shrimp head?After watching, I can have a more perfect shrimp meal.

What exactly is shrimp thread?Is it really dirty?

Is the shrimp line the digestive system or the excretory system?

We often say ""It refers to the black line on the back of the shrimp, which is actually the intestine of the shrimp, which belongs to the digestive system.


Therefore, the residues in the shrimp thread include undigested food, digested food residue, metabolites, silt, etc., so there will be a smell of soil.

But after high temperature cooking, the microorganisms in the shrimp thread will be killed, so if it is not removed, it will affect the taste, but it will not be too harmful to health.If you are too lazy to remove it, you can skip it.


If you have noticed, there is also a "black line" in the abdomen of shrimp, which is the abdominal nerve chain of shrimp, which belongs to the central nervous system and controls the movement of shrimp.

When encountering danger, it will form a reflection and quickly escape.So it is popularly called shrimp tendon and does not need to be removed.

Is the yellow prawn in the prawn head dung?

As mentioned above, the shrimp head contains the main internal organs of the shrimp, such as the heart, stomach, hepatopancreas and so on.For crawfish, that is, crayfish, the head also includes reproductive organs, the male is the testis, and the female is the ovary.


What we call "shrimp yellow" is actually the digestive glands of shrimp, that is, liver, pancreas, etc., not shrimp feces.Because one of the excretion sites of shrimp is the excretion hole in the head, which is responsible for urination, and the other is the tail anus, which is responsible for the excretion of other digestive products.

In addition, during the spawning season of female shrimp, their ovaries will also produce some "shrimp yellow".Therefore, it is not possible to judge whether it is a female shrimp just by whether there is a so-called "shrimp yellow".

Are there heavy metals in shrimp heads?

In order to maintain their own life activities, aquatic organisms need to rely on enrichment to obtain nutrients from the outside world, but if the water quality is polluted, they will also be enriched in toxins, and the higher the food chain, the stronger the enrichment capacity.

Shrimp heads include the stomach, liver, heart, pancreas and other organs of shrimp, which need to complete their metabolic functions. The content of heavy metals is indeed higher than that of shrimp meat, but if it is properly cultured shrimp, there will be no major safety problems.Because the water quality of the shrimp factory that is properly cultured will not be too bad, otherwise the shrimp will not survive.


But in general, it is not recommended to eat shrimp head.Don't be afraid of trouble, try to peel it off.

Some people say that the black shrimp head is caused by excessive heavy metals, but it doesn't really matter.Because the shrimp body contains a substance called tyrosinase, the shrimp head is the most abundant, which can catalyze the production of some black substances such as eumelanin and pheomelanin, so the shrimp head will turn black.

Does eating shrimp skin really supplement calcium?

Astaxanthin is known as the "calcium storehouse". The calcium content in every 100 g of shrimp skin is as high as 991 mg, while 100 g of shrimp meat only contains 236 mg of calcium. Each 100 g of milk contains 104 mg of calcium, and 100 g of cheese contains 799 mg of calcium. The calcium content in dried shrimp skin is indeed quite high, but it is not recommended to supplement calcium by eating dried shrimp skin.

This is because the skin of shrimp is relatively hard and not easily digested by the human body, so the amount of calcium in shrimp skin that can be absorbed is really limited.


Moreover, the salt content in the shrimp skin is higher, and it is easy to consume too much salt.If you eat dried shrimps often, you can wash them with water before eating them.

If you want to supplement calcium, you might as well drink more milk, soy products or dark leafy vegetables.

What should I pay attention to when eating shrimp?

1. Pick.

It is best to buy live shrimps. When buying chilled shrimps, you should pay attention to choosing the ones with complete individuals, bright colors, firm meat and no peculiar smell, and you cannot judge the freshness directly by whether the shrimp heads have turned black.

2. Cleaning.

When cleaning the shrimp, be careful not to get stuck by the shrimp, especially the sea shrimp. In case of accidentally being stabbed by the seafood, you may be infected by a bacteria called "Marine Vibrio vulnificus", which may quickly lead to severe sarcositis , Sepsis, etc.Although the incidence is not high, if it is not treated in time, the mortality rate is high.

In addition, if there is a wound on your hand, do not directly contact seafood and sea water, and you must take protective measures.

3. Cooked.

Shrimp may carry some bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms. High-temperature cooking can fully kill them. Common methods such as soaking in vinegar and dipping mustard are not very effective. Therefore, shrimp must be cooked before eating.


4. Eat with caution if you are allergic.

Shrimp is a very common allergen. Eating shrimp allergies may cause symptoms such as skin itching, rash, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chest tightness, and blood in the stool.If the symptoms are mild and only mild itching, no special treatment is required. However, if the allergic symptoms are severe, you must go to the hospital in time and do not take any medication.

5. Don't eat too much.

Shrimp is delicious, good quality, rich in nutrients, such as protein, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, etc. However, it is not recommended to eat too many shrimps at once.Because... will be poor.

Well, to be honest, for some special people, especially those with high uric acid, it is not recommended to eat too many shrimps while drinking, which can easily induce gout.

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