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The Spanish "Marca" recently selected the "World's Most Annoying Sportsman" list. Sports stars such as Kyrgios, Neymar and Mayweather have entered the list, and Chinese Swimming Olympic champion Sun Yang is also on the list. .
                        西班牙《马卡报》近日评选出“世界体坛最令人讨厌的运动员”榜单,克耶高斯、内马尔、梅威瑟等体坛明星进入榜单,而中国游泳奥运冠军孙杨也榜上有名。</p><p style="text-align: center"><img src="" title="b5e5e5b3694609b14f055d85236bb975.jpg" alt="b5e5e5b3694609b14f055d85236bb975.jpg" />

Regarding Sun Yang being selected into the list, Marca also gave his own reasons: "We reviewed several of the world’s most unpopular athletes, including Sun Yang. He has been punished and he is also known for his arrogance. , May be sentenced to a lifetime ban."

In addition, the Australian tennis bad boy Kyrgios and Spanish football star Diego Costa occupy a place on the list, and the undefeated boxing champion Mayweather has also become a single player on the list. The Marca newspaper commented: “He shows off his money And wealth, become a hated athlete."

It must be mentioned that the South African blade fighter Oscar Pistorius is also on the list. The Marca said: “Oscar Pistorius is at the top of the list of hated athletes. He was murdered. His girlfriend was sentenced to 13 and a half years in prison."

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p style=”text-align: center”>658c41ced59b46415739661f4d1b1ce8.jpg

The Brazilian star Neymar, who currently plays for Paris, has also become a part of the list. For Neymar’s selection, the Spanish media reasoned: "He is habitually diving, so he has become the object of criticism." In addition, NBA star Draymond De Green also entered the list, "Marca" believes that Green is the culprit of many controversial events on the court.

The second-generation Russian rich Ma Zeping, who represented the Haas team in F1 this season, is also on the list. "The F1 driver's assessment of himself is that no Russian driver is hated like me." And the Barcelona defender Alba Also entered the list, "This player himself thinks that he is one of the most annoying players."

The American trapeze Gatlin, who has been banned twice for taking banned drugs, successfully made the list. The Marca newspaper commented: "I was accused of taking stimulants and ruined Bolt's farewell performance." The Portuguese defender Pepe, who played for Real Madrid, was selected. "Marca" commented on the football villain: "During his Real Madrid career, he has caused a lot of controversy, and these controversies have always been with him."

The list also includes the names of the cyclist Grüneweigen and the famous golf player Patrick Reid. For the golf star Reid, the "Marca" comment is simple, "Probably the most unpopular golf." Speaking of Grüneweigen, the "Marca" pointed the finger at Grüneweigen's criminal behavior in the game, "He let Jacobson fall to the ground and almost killed Jacobson." In addition, former Italian international Balotelli is also on the list. According to the Spanish media, Balotelli has negative news every year.

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