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“让政府更贴近民意” 加州华人看罢免州长行动 — 美。。。

“让政府更贴近民意” 加州华人看罢免州长行动

— Voice of America Chinese Network (@VOAChinese)
February 12


Newsom, who was elected governor in November 2018, has been in office for only two years and has faced five attempts to remove him, but none have succeeded.What is going on is the sixth petition for removal.Why is Newsom so unwelcome to Californians?Why have many recalls failed?


Chinese voters disagree

Chinese voters who support the Republican Party are dissatisfied with the liberal policies promulgated since Newsom took office.

Ms. Chen, who lives in San Diego, signed the petition for removal.She told VOA: "Newson introduced many very radical policies in 2019, and then increased taxes on working families like us. There is also the absurd bill he signed, that is, your name cannot appear in On the ballot, unless you disclose your tax information."


加州米尔克民主党俱乐部华裔董事邝恩龙(Jeffrey Kwong)说:“他改善我们的水利、保健,推广奥巴马的affordable

However, what has caused Newson the most criticism may be his repeated and varied prevention and control measures during the new crown epidemic.

dining(户外用餐),但教堂为什么可以部分开放。 但是我们很多人反映了这个问题以后,而且数字下降了以后,outdoor



In November last year, Newsom was disclosed by the media that he did not wear a mask to attend a lobby party dinner.Wu Kaili, who supports the Democratic Progressive Party, told the Voice of America: "As the saying goes, the upper beam is not correct and the lower beam is crooked. Leaders have a great influence on the public. I think (Newsom's approach) has given many Californians untrue A sense of security."

According to the California Department of Public Health, as of February 2, the number of infections in California exceeded 10 million, and the death toll exceeded 3, making it one of the worst-hit areas in the United States.


Ms. Xu said: “I think Newson’s handling in the initial stage is better, because he let the big family home in time, after all, still restricts some transmission. But I understand that everyone’s home order is basically a year before and after, so there is this Kind of frustration."

Chinese cherish the right to recall

Whether they support or oppose the removal, Chinese voters attach great importance to their right to remove the governor.

Ms. Chen in San Diego said: "The Chinese just have to dare to express. In the past, everyone had the impression that the Chinese didn't care about politics, just one acre of land. But now they still participate a lot. You want 150 million signatures this time. The Chinese have contributed a lot."

Wu Kaili said: "It definitely makes me feel autonomous. I have a say in the community and I want to take the initiative to make the community better. If that's not the case, why should I care about the community? I enjoy this right very much."


Removal of the governor is not easy

However, the removal of the governor is not an easy task, and it requires many hurdles.


For example, in California, the number of petitioners needs to reach 12% of the voters in the last election.

Lublin: "Considering that California is such a large state, this is indeed a very high number, and it must be collected in a relatively short period of time, rather than collected over many years, which makes it more difficult."

If the petition can collect 3 valid signatures before March 17, the procedure for the recall election will be officially launched.Since many of the co-signed signatures may be invalidated during the official verification process, the organization that initiated the recall operation stated that they will continue to seek co-signatures until it reaches 149 million to 5709 million signatures.

After reaching the number of petitioners, California will put votes.There will be two questions on the ballot: one is whether to approve the removal of the governor; the other is who is elected as the new governor.If the majority of voters agree to remove the governor in the first question, the person who gets the most votes in the second question will become the new governor of California.

Lublin emphasized that the winner does not necessarily have to get more than 50% of the vote, as long as it is the person with the most votes among all candidates.He also said that the entire recall election may take several months.

If the recall procedure starts this time, it will be the fifth time in the history of the United States that a recall election has entered the procedure.The previous four were: North Dakota in 1921, Arizona in 1988 (the recall election was cancelled after the governor was impeached), California in 2003, and Wisconsin in 2012.

Currently, only two governors have been removed in American history.In 2003, California dismissed the Democratic Governor Gray Davis and elected the Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 1921, the state of North Dakota dismissed Governor Lynn Frazier through a recall election.


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