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Had it not been for the 2020 epidemic to make "Chinese New Year in situ" a hot topic again, the Spring Festival travel season 13 years ago might have been the same. . .
            如果不是 2020 年的疫情让 " 就地过年 " 再次成为热门话题,那场 13

The Spring Festival travel a year ago may have been like the ice and snow after the disaster, gradually dissipating in our memory.
That year, countless passengers on their way home found themselves trapped on the icy and snowy road. The train station square was crowded with passengers who wanted to go home but could not wait for the train

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As the new year approaches, the epidemic has repeated itself.

It is estimated that many people have been swiped by the following picture of "Chinese New Year in situ" recently.

Many people who have been wandering outside for a year have also accepted this fact and even began to figure out how to spend the Spring Festival in a different place.

But in fact, "Chinese New Year in situ" is not the first time it appeared in the history of the Spring Festival travel. The last time it appeared was accompanied by the century-old snow disaster in the south in 2008.

/ Snow from Xiangjiang /

At 2008 AM on January 1, 11, following the first heavy snowfall in Central China, the China Meteorological Administration issued the "Blizzard Orange Warning".

In the turmoil and uproar of the approaching new year, not many people care about such a message, even if they see it, they will most likely treat it as an irrelevant routine weather forecast.

Only 19 days later, when the spokesperson of the China Meteorological Administration advised the public to "Chinese New Year in situ"
At that time, the snow disaster in the south was stirring the nerves of all Chinese people, and the millions of people trapped in the snow and ice of the southern land had realized that they might not be able to return home.

On January 1, the third day after the Blizzard’s orange warning, there was continuous rain and snow in Hunan.

The snow in the south is different from the north.Compared with the light snow in the north, the snowfall in the south is usually prelude by icy rain, and then as the temperature decreases, the snow will slowly fall, and the sun will be stepped on by pedestrians into black muddy water after the snow.

But this winter because the temperature is very low, many southerners see snow like gravel, which hurts when hitting their faces, and quickly forms a thick ice shell when it falls on the ground.

Changsha Huanghua International Airport on the outskirts of the city, the temperature has dropped below zero 2
℃, staff are working around the clock to de-icing dozens of delayed flights.Passengers in the terminal building showed great patience for the delay caused by bad weather and expressed their understanding.

In Guangzhou, more than XNUMX kilometers away, tens of thousands of packed passengers also rushed to Baiyun Airport.Although they were mentally prepared for possible flight delays caused by rain and snow, the subsequent large-scale delays and conflicts with airport personnel exceeded their expectations.

Those who chose to take the long-distance bus home early in the day were probably the last people to be favored by the goddess of luck.

Although the men, women and children who set off in the wind and snow are not smooth, they can return to their hometowns after all, and only two days later on January 1
Starting from Wuhan on Japan, with freezing rain all the way south, highways in various provinces were closed one after another, and long-distance bus stations in major cities were also closed one after another.

The torrent of people who could not get in a car rushed to various railway stations from all directions. Therefore, the Ministry of Railways decided on January 1.
The Spring Festival transportation started early on Sunday, and the emergency plan was launched the next day.

This year is the last Spring Festival transport before the large-scale operation of EMUs in China.

Before that, only a small number of EMUs operated on the Beijing-Harbin line in the northeast, and a large number of traditional "Green Pipu Express" was still used in the south.

When a train of slow green-skinned trains collided head-on with the harsh wind and snow, the situation of the Spring Festival transportation in the south began to take a turn for the worse.

/ Sorrowful city /

Chenzhou, Hunan, a city with little sense of existence, is the hub on the southern section of the transportation artery of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway.

As a part of Hunan's power supply network, several high-voltage transmission lines that pass through the city serve the city and also transmit electricity to the railway line.

Since the snowfall in Hunan, several observation posts of the Chenzhou Electric Power Bureau have continued to observe ice accumulation on the transmission line.Although the deicing of the transmission line has been ongoing, but by January 1
On the day, the continuous Blizzard made the previous work all go to naught.

The thickness of ice accretion on many electrical towers exceeds 50 mm. A double-circuit line tower weighing only 6 tons originally weighed 50 mm.
Ton.Ice cubes with thick bowls were frozen on the transmission lines, and heavy cables pulled down entire rows of electrical towers.

Electric heating is no longer effective. Electricity workers can only risk the collapse of the electric tower by climbing the transmission towers tens of meters high, swinging hammers and wooden sticks to smash the cables in the cold wind. And the ice on the tower.

They may not know yet, just on the line just tens of kilometers away from them, three electric workers gave their lives to repair the equipment.

Not far away, the lights in Chenzhou City are becoming darker and darker like candles wagging in the wind.That night, the power grid was completely paralyzed, and Chenzhou, with no water and electricity, turned into a dark isolated city.

Afterwards, someone described that day and said:"The QQ avatars of all Chenzhou people have turned black."

When Chenzhou was plunged into darkness, those passengers who had already embarked on their way home when the highway was closed found themselves trapped on the icy and snowy road.

▲The beautiful ice on weekdays seemed extremely dangerous in that winter

In the early morning of January 1, the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway Shaoguan to Chenzhou Section 26
The multi-kilometer highway has become the hardest hit area of ​​freezing rain.The roads are full of trees broken by snow and ice, and vehicles with snow chains still skid seriously on icy roads.

Tens of thousands of passengers were trapped in large and small vehicles, lacking clothes and food, shivering.

The price of instant noodles in the hands of roadside vendors has doubled, and everyone is rushing to buy them.Hot water for instant noodles has become a luxury item, and most people can only eat hard and dry noodles with icy mineral water.

In the face of disasters, perhaps only children can show an innocent smile in a difficult situation.

▲Pigs that died of freezing on the highway, "don’t look down"

And this kind of life that can only be solved by eating and drinking Lazard on the spot, gradually ended after about a week.The worst section of the road even had to wait until the military dispatched tanks before it was barely cleared.

Some passengers who were a little closer to home simply picked up their luggage and walked home in the rain and snow.

And a man named Du Dengyong lost contact with his girlfriend who was trapped on the road to Chenzhou and was sick. At this time, he could not find any car to leave Guangzhou, so he packed up his bags. Borrowed from cousin
For 500 yuan, he started on foot to Hunan, which is nearly 200 kilometers away.

At the same time, the life of the returnees in the green train on the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway was not easy because of the collapse of the power grid and the blockage of ice and snow.

At 26 o’clock in the morning on the 8th, the K201 train bound for Guangzhou slowly stopped at a small station in front of Hengyang. Before that, the green train had spent 10 hours in the snow and wind.
"Crawling" for more than 100 kilometers.

Everyone thought that this was just a short temporary stop due to the poor road conditions ahead, but the green leather car carrying more than XNUMX passengers failed to drive one meter forward for the next three days. .

The water, electricity, and food on the car quickly ran out, and some passengers who did not grab the water had to hold a bowl and ask the staff on the platform for a sip of hot water.

However, the station at this time had already lost all supply capacity due to power failure.

Because of the power outage, the windows were all frozen again, and the air in the overcrowded compartment was dirty and hot.Passengers who were hungry and unable to return home became more and more emotional, and some began to abuse and push the flight attendants.

Some people even have a sudden mental illness in a small space because of fatigue during the journey, anxiety about being late, and eagerness to go home, and they throw money everywhere in the car.That year, hospitals in many places encountered this kind of"
Travelling psychosis" patients.

In order to avoid more serious riots, the flight attendants braved the snow to walk to the village a few miles away and bought some food to bring back to the train, which barely calmed everyone's emotions.

On the afternoon of the 29th, the train that was more than 80 hours late finally drove into Guangzhou Station.

When the passengers dragged their tired bodies out of the station, everyone was shocked by the sight of the station square.

The square of Guangzhou Railway Station was crowded with passengers who wanted to go home but couldn't wait for the train.The flow of people that could not be accommodated in the square ran directly onto the road outside the train station.

And such a team already had 5 people as early as a week ago.

With the intensification of rain and snow in the south, the electricity and road network continue to be damaged. The trains outside cannot enter and the trains inside cannot be sent. Although the sale of tickets was stopped at Guangzhou Railway Station as early as three days ago, people stranded outside the station People are increasing.

Those who have bought tickets want to catch the train early, and those who have not bought tickets also want to try their luck at the train station.

In this way, when the passengers of train K201 walked out of the station, they saw a "waiting army" of more than 50 people.

▲The crowd at Guangzhou Station is like the epitome of China's "super society" back then

This year, the winter in Lingnan was extremely cold.At the end of January, the temperature in Guangzhou was less than 6 degrees Celsius, and there were light rains in the sky from time to time, and the hands and feet would be numb when standing outdoors for an hour.

Among the hundreds of thousands of people waiting for the bus, many have already waited for a few days with their tickets.Not only did I not eat or drink, but even going to the toilet became a big problem.It seems that a few hundred meters of road has become the farthest distance in the world, and you may not be able to squeeze a crowd of hundreds of meters for several hours.Many people couldn't help it, so they had to settle on the square.

Under the damp and cold air, people's patience was slowly drained.

Whenever a train starts to pick up passengers, the crowd rushes into the waiting room frantically.People are trapped in them, they carry big bags and small bags, push each other, abuse, and scream.

The crowds moved all the way forward, breaking through the warning lines, pushing down rows of iron horses, until they collided head-on with the green "wall of people".

In order to maintain order at the station, thousands of armed police were dispatched to Guangzhou Station to perform duty day and night.

On that day, during the long wait, the emotionally broken travelers and the armed police clashed many times.Some fighters were injured on their heads by debris thrown by unconscious travelers.

It was the same day when people fainted at the station due to lack of physical strength, and the same group of soldiers snatched them out of countless pairs of feet, held them on top of their heads, rushed out of the crowd, and sent them to an ambulance.

▲ Fights between the crowds also happen

These people who are fighting, pushing, and fighting are not enemies.They just felt that they had stepped on the line of defense, stepped over the iron horse, and rushed through the armed police's human wall, and behind them was the way home.

After one night, the number of people stranded at Guangzhou Station reached a terrifying 80, which was also the peak of the Spring Festival that year.

/ People who cannot go home /

At this time, the national air transport capacity also fell to the bottom.

More than 14000 people were stranded in one Baiyun Airport alone.Individual passengers who are going to fly to Guizhou and Anhui have even waited for almost two weeks.

Some airline service personnel were thrown into a box by passengers, and others were set up to "paradise" at the airport, and even the waiting area was smashed into a mess.

In the past ten days, there have been more than XNUMX flight delays due to similar man-made causes.

Although the flight began to return to normal in just two or three days, some passengers who took the lead in the disturbance could not wait for their planes because they disturbed public order and spent a Spring Festival in the detention center.

It is difficult to say whether this ending is a farce or a tragedy.

On the Beijing-Zhuhai North Expressway Bridge, the bus taken by an Anhui couple was stuck in place for five days.Seeing that it was impossible to rush back to their hometown to get married on time, the two decided to hold a road wedding in the car.

The carmates put together some food rights for the wedding banquet, but I don’t know who brought a big red cloth to cover the bride.

Without the "Wedding March", everyone sang the "Birthday Song" in the frosty carriage to send the couple the warmest blessing in that rough winter.

At about the same time, among the hundreds of thousands of people stranded in Guangzhou Station, another couple was extremely anxious.

Li Manjun has not returned home for three years.

This time he originally planned to go back to his hometown to buy a ring and marry his fiancee Zhang Chi, but when they were 29
When I rushed to Guangzhou Station from Shunde, I found that I couldn't get on the bus at all.The two were extremely frustrated, unwilling to refund the ticket in this way, and temporarily returned to Shunde.

Two days later, when they learned that the queuing situation at the station had eased and that colleagues had already squeezed onto the train, they could no longer hold back their hearts to go home and rushed back to Guangzhou Station overnight.

But the lovers may not know that there are still many people who want to go home like them. On that day, 40 people flooded into Guangzhou Station again.

In the early morning of February 2, the two escaped the sight of the police on duty following the flow of people, climbed over the barbed wire fence outside the platform, and climbed the pedestrian bridge over four meters high across the railway.

They didn't care about what car was in the platform below, as long as they heard it was heading towards their hometown of Hunan, they jumped off.

Li Manjun, who jumped to the roof of the car, was hit into a ball of fire by the 25000-volt high-voltage wires above the train when he reached out to pick up his girlfriend's luggage.

The bride-to-be Zhang Chi never waited for her wedding ring again.

When Li Manjun died, he still had the train ticket bought at a high price from the scalpers in the pocket of his blackened clothes.

/ Ending /

On the day when Li Manjun fell, the People's Government of Guangdong Province issued a "Letter to the People of the Province", urging the majority of migrant workers to stay and spend the New Year in place.

Many people responded to the call and gave up going home, which indeed eased the relief pressure at that time.In the next few days, with the restoration of the power grid, transportation capacity gradually picked up, and those trapped in airports, railway stations and highways also started returning home again.

On February 2, the Lunar New Year's Eve, the China Meteorological Administration lifted the three-level response order for the emergency plan for major meteorological disasters.

The waiting line at Guangzhou Railway Station is getting shorter and shorter. In Chenzhou City, where the power has been cut for ten days and nights, cheers have erupted from time to time, and the power supply has gradually recovered. Lights

Couples in Anhui who had a road wedding, there was no news about them in the media, they should still be living together happily;

Zhang Chi, who lost his lover, left this sad land that winter and never set foot in Guangzhou again;

Du Dengyong, who walked hundreds of miles for love, failed to survive the "seven-year itch" in his marriage. In 2015, his wife chose to divorce him.

Thirteen years is not long but not short.That year, the tweeters on the streets and alleys of China were still playing Phoenix Legend's "On the Moon", which was still in use
The Chinese with 2G mobile phones do not yet know what WeChat is. It is the 5900 billion short messages that carry our thoughts and anxiety a year.

If it hadn’t been for the 2020 epidemic to make “Chinese New Year in situ” a hot topic again, then 13
The Spring Festival travel a year ago may have been like the ice and snow after the disaster, gradually dissipating in our memory.

In the past forty years, we have gradually left the land, like industrious wild geese, constantly migrating across the vast land of China. At the end of the year, we are full of hope, sitting in a green leather cart and returning to our hometown.

In the next XNUMX years, we will probably continue to live like this, and all this is just for a bite of food.

In this super-large society that is rolling forward, everyone has only a way forward, not behind.

Guanshan is difficult to overcome, but we hope that there will be fewer lost people who cannot return home.

— End —

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