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"I want to be a bridge." Chinese freestyle skier Gu Ailing, who has just won two gold medals and one bronze medal in the X Games Winter Games of the World Extreme Games here, told Xinhua News Agency reporters in an exclusive telephone interview on the 31st.
                        新华社美国阿斯本1月31日电“我愿成为一座桥梁。”刚刚在此间获得世界极限运动会XGames冬季赛两枚金牌、一枚铜牌的中国自由式滑雪运动员谷爱凌31日在电话专访中告诉新华社记者。</p><p style="text-align: center"><img src="" title="8e4b41f5398d645cfbf2eb63560edff7.jpg" alt="8e4b41f5398d645cfbf2eb63560edff7.jpg" />

The picture shows Gu Ailing (left) celebrating the championship after the World Extreme Games.Xinhua News Agency / Midland

17-year-old Gu Ailing was born in San Francisco, USA. His mother is Chinese and his father is American. He speaks fluent Chinese and English. In 2019, he officially represented the Chinese team in various competitions.At the time, this decision shook the American sports world.

Gu Ailing said that the direct reason that prompted her to make this decision was that she learned in 2019 that China will vigorously popularize mass snow sports as a policy, and is determined to improve China's performance by hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The achievements of ice and snow sports, especially snow sports, proposed to "inspire XNUMX million people to participate in ice and snow sports" to promote the building of a sports power.

Gu Ailing said that she believes that her success can encourage thousands of Chinese people to participate in skiing. Considering this potentially huge influence, she did not hesitate to make a choice.She believes that she can become a bridge between ice and snow sports and Chinese women, allowing more Chinese women to participate in this sport, and she can also become a bridge between China and the United States, allowing ice and snow sports enthusiasts and ordinary people in the two countries To understand each other better, after all, sports is a common language all over the world.

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The picture shows Gu Ailing in the Swiss Winter Youth Olympic Games.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Yang

"I can speak Chinese and English, and spend every summer in Beijing, so I also understand Chinese and American culture. To me, these two parts form a whole." Gu Ailing told reporters that these ideas originated from her grandmother. .This 85-year-old Beijing woman taught her a lot.

"She is amazing." Gu Ailing mentioned her grandmother many times in the interview: "She is invincible, she is super healthy, and now she insists on running a mile every day!"

Gu Ailing said that her grandmother was her role model, and she showed herself the strength and determination of women.Encouraged by this spirit, she once gave a speech to 400 students in American high schools on the topic of women's equality.

Gu Ailing attributed her victory in the competition to what her grandmother had always taught her-"Do your best, do your best." She told reporters that during this competition, she would contact her grandmother online every day. It feels like my grandmother is by my side.

Following the advice of her grandmother, Gu Ailing, a student bully, decided to graduate from high school ahead of schedule and prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics. She plans to go to Stanford University again in the fall of 2022.Perhaps it was also influenced by her grandmother. After talking about the praise of the global media after this competition, Gu Ailing said: "I want to be very low-key... I am deeply grateful for all the love I have received."

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p style=”text-align: center”>The picture shows the Gu Ailing World Extreme Games XGames winter game showing two gold and one bronze medals on January 1.Xinhua News Agency / Midland

XGames is the world’s highest level and most influential event in extreme sports. The invited athletes are all the world’s top players in the corresponding event. The competition is extremely fierce, especially the annual Winter Extreme Games held in Aspen, Colorado, USA. , The number of visitors and commercial value are high. On January 1th and 29th, Gu Ailing won two golds and one bronze in all three individual events she participated in, becoming the first player in the history of this event to achieve such a good result for the first time in the competition.She won the XGames Super U-shaped venue championship on January 30, and it was also the first time a Chinese athlete won the championship in this world's top event.

When it comes to the competition, Gu Ailing believes that the training program is the key. Even during the competition, she has to train for 8.5 hours a day, which makes her skills more proficient and gives her full confidence.This strategy has been fruitful, she said: "I experienced two types of tension, one from competitions, this is my first time participating in XGames, and the other from how to better show my abilities while being busy. The exercises helped me reduce my tension by half."

The American sports media believes that Gu Ailing's eyes have long been set for the 2022 Winter Olympics in her mother's hometown of Beijing.She told reporters that it was not easy to decide to represent China at the beginning, and it is even more difficult to win the championship, but she hopes to become a messenger or role model for ice and snow sports, and she will "try her best to do her best."

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