Australia-Young photos of Jia Ling's mother exposed!Big eyes and high nose look like Jia Ling, her complexion is ruddy and pure (Photos) | Chinatown, Australia

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

On February 2, some netizens exposed old photos of Jia Ling's mother Li Huanying when she was young.

In the photo, Jia Ling's mother wore double ponytail braids and kept Qi bangs, smiling very purely.Her eyes are round and big, very shiny, and her high nose is very eye-catching.

Li Huanying, who has a ruddy complexion, red lips and white teeth and neat teeth, is very cute. The little pear vortex at the corner of her mouth is even more like Jia Ling.

In the photo of Jia Ling's mother and her friends, she is sitting in the front row. She is very conspicuous with outstanding looks, beautiful eyes and full apple muscles. When she smiles, she feels a little shy.

After seeing the photos, the netizens talked a lot and left messages in the comment area to praise Jia Ling's mother is very beautiful and very similar to Jia Ling.Others think that Li Huanying looks like a star and is very temperamental.

A few days ago, among the old photos of Jia Ling that were exposed, an old photo surprised many people.In the picture, Jia Ling's face is still a melon face, and the lines of her face are also very smooth, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and her fair and translucent skin looks pleasing.Jia Ling in the photo is very similar to her mother, especially her nose. Her temperament and appearance are not lost to the women's team members.


Although the film uses humorous lens and language to describe the event, the conception expressed is very far-reaching, which resonates with many audiences, and many people also left moving tears.Up to now, the box office of the movie has exceeded 18 billion.

I hope that Jia Ling can always maintain a good condition and live optimistically, and also hope that she can continue to bring more wonderful works to everyone.

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