Australia – A senior reporter revealed that Zheng Shuang’s defeat was the main reason: Zhang Heng colluded with surrogacy and escaped Wuhan’s lockdown (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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A Hong Kong journalist and Weibo netizen "Hong Kong Zhupi" recently exploded actress Angelababy (Baby, Yang Ying)

A Hong Kong reporter and Weibo netizen "Hong Kong Zhupi" recently broke the actress Angelababy (Baby, Yang Ying) to remarry to Louis Koo, attracting a counterattack from Baby Studio and announcing a complaint. After Hong Kong Zhupi admitted his mistake and apologized, he recently published an article exploding Zheng Shuang The main reason for the complete failure in the surrogacy incident, he said: "Zhang Heng colluded with illegal surrogacy, escaped from the closed city of Wuhan, and ran to the United States to grab two children as a bargaining chip." He also said that the plot is similar to "Infernal Affairs", but the parties involved Haven't responded yet, I don't know the authenticity of the news.

Zheng Shuang has become popular in the past with dramas such as "Let's Watch Meteor Shower", "A Slight Smile", "Summer Solstice Is Not Coming" and other dramas, and Di Lieba, Yang Zi, and Zhou Dongyu are originally recognized by netizens as "the four little girls born in the 90s" .Although she and her amateur boyfriend Zhang Heng broke up for more than a year, last year it was revealed that the man is suspected of being in debt. Last month, the man and Zheng Shuang were in the US to find a surrogate mother to give birth to two children, but the children have not yet been born. They quarreled and broke up, which attracted people to criticize Zheng Shuang for abandoning her husband.

Post by Hong Kong Zhu Pi. (Photo/Retrieved from Hong Kong Zhupi Weibo)
Post by Hong Kong Zhu Pi. (Picture/Retrieved from Hong Kong Zhupi Weibo)

In this regard, Hong Kong Zhu Pi said that before the two children were born, Zheng Shuang used lawyers to fight for the custody of the children. In January 2020, Wuhan was shut down due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. "Worrying that debt collection will be cut, Zhang Heng The illegal surrogacy company in Wuhan swept away all the contracts and had the ability to escape from the sealed city of Wuhan and head straight to the United States." He wanted to use two children as a bargaining chip to threaten Zheng Shuang.

After Zheng Shuang was involved in the suspicion of abandoning and raising, he has now been blocked. (Photo / Dazhi Video)
After Zheng Shuang was involved in the suspicion of abandoning and raising, he has now been blocked. (Photo / Dazhi Video)

Hong Kong Zhupi said: "Will the legal person of the surrogacy company also be Zhang Heng? Because all the information came to Zhang Heng without his knowledge." He also said that Zheng Shuang told Zhang Heng to borrow 2000 million yuan last year. Not yet (about 8680 million Taiwan dollars), Zheng Shuang won the case in the first trial. Hong Kong Zhupi believed that Zhang Heng wanted to use his children to knock hundreds of millions. "Now, unless someone confesses all crimes,Before the divorce in the United States on March 3, a penny should not be given."

In this regard, netizens replied: "We should dig deep into the chain of interests, and how many people are involved in a big drama", "Believe in the law, bad people will be punished", "I hope the truth will come soon", "Through baby news, I think you It's a shame not to be a director."

Topic: Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng were exposed to surrogacy and giving birth to the topic >>

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