Australia-Reuters survey: It will take time for the US recovery to be on track and employment growth | Australia Chinatown

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Kalanchi said: "In the past few months, the predicted changes are conducive to a faster economic recovery. For the sake of the economy, we hope it will continue to exceed our expectations."

The survey showed that the US economy grew from a record 31.4% decline in the second quarter to 33.4% in the third quarter at an annual rate, and the fourth quarter grew by 4%.

Economic growth is expected to slow, with a growth of 2.8% this quarter, an improvement from the 23% expected in January.



Nevertheless, 54 out of 53 economists believe that it will take at least a year for the unemployment rate in the United States to reach its pre-epidemic level.33 of them are expected to take more than two years.

ING economist Knightley said: “Due to the uncertainty of potential structural changes in the economy, it may take more time to restore employment. Working from home means that the population of major cities will decrease. As a result, you may not need so many bars, Restaurant, retail staff."

On the contrary, perhaps more workers will be needed outside these areas, and a better understanding of the situation will take time.



When asked about the direction of US-China trade relations this year, 46 economists said it would remain unchanged.Only six economists think it will improve.But no one expects the relationship to deteriorate.

西方银行(Bank of the West)首席经济学家斯科特·安德森(Scott

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