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The richest man in the world has changed again!

On February 2, Beijing time, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos surpassed Tesla CEO Elon, Return to the throne of the world's richest man.

At the same time, Musk fell to the throne of the richest man and currently ranks No. 2 on the Forbes real-time rich list, with his net worth shrinking by US$78 billion (equivalent to RMB 503 billion).It is worth noting that Musk has been playing with coins recently, but Tesla has recently had a big trouble... Deep in quality problems, it was interviewed by five Chinese departments, and cars were recalled in many places around the world. Sales in China There was also a rare decline.

Institutions differed in their judgments on Tesla stocks. On the one hand, Tesla was liquidated by the Bridgewater Fund; on the other hand, the American Pioneer Group increased the position of Tesla significantly. Sla.

Image source: Screenshot of Forbes official website

Net worth shrank 503 billion

Musk fell to the throne of the richest man!

As of February 2, Beijing time, the Forbes real-time rich list shows that Bezos's personal net worth rose to 15 billion U.S. dollars, surpassing Musk and returning to the world's richest man.Musk's net worth has fallen to 1908 billion US dollars, ranking second in the Forbes real-time rich list.

Image source: Visual China

Musk became the world's richest man on January 1th, Eastern Time.At that time, Tesla's stock price rose nearly 8% in one day, and Musk's net worth exceeded $8 billion, surpassing Bezos, who is on the Forbes real-time rich list.On the same day, Musk said on the social platform: "What's so strange?" "Okay, go back to work...", suspecting to respond to the statement about becoming the new richest man in the world.

Every editor has noticed that compared with Musk’s highest net worth when he became the world’s richest man, he has shrunk US$78 billion (approximately RMB 503 billion). The stock prices of Amazon and Tesla diverge. Amazon The shock went up, and Tesla went down.


Screenshot of Amazon stock price trend Data source: wind

Screenshot of Tesla's stock price trend Data source: wind

Musk's "the first leader in the currency circle"

Musk can be called "the first king of goods in the currency circle."He has expressed his support for Bitcoin on Twitter more than once, and every public support will drive Bitcoin's rise.He used his own power to send Bitcoin and Dogecoin to historical highs.

Tesla's documents submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on February 2th local time show that Tesla has invested a total of 8 billion U.S. dollars in Bitcoin and stated that it may acquire and hold digital assets for a long time. It is expected to accept Bitcoin as a payment method in the near future.Subsequently, Bitcoin pulled up in the short-term and quickly broke through the $15 mark, and maintained its upward momentum all the way, approaching the historical high of $4.As of press time, the price of Bitcoin is 5 USD per coin.

In addition to Bitcoin, Musk has recently begun to publicly express support for the niche digital currency-Dogecoin.According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, after Musk returned to Twitter, he published a series of content promoting Dogecoin.Since then, the price of Dogecoin began to rise and hit a record high on February 2.As of press time, Dogecoin is $7 per coin



Tesla's quality problems: abnormal acceleration, battery fire

However, although Musk has had a lot of "playing with coins" recently, his main business "new energy vehicles" is in trouble.

On February 2, US local time, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a new recall announcement on its website.The announcement shows that Tesla has applied for a “voluntary” recall of 2 Model S and Model X vehicles, on the grounds that the embedded multimedia memory card failures on these vehicles caused the central control screen to not work normally.According to media reports, this recall has become the largest failure recall since Tesla was founded.


In addition, the German Ministry of Transport (KBA) recently released data showing that in January this year, Tesla withdrew from the list of Germany's leading electric car brands, and the rising Volkswagen occupied the first and second places.

It is worth mentioning that just a year ago, Tesla was jointly interviewed by the five Chinese departments due to quality issues.The content is mainly to interview consumers about abnormal acceleration ("suddenly out of control", "automatic acceleration", "brake failure"), battery fire, and vehicle remote upgrade (OTA) freezes, etc., and require Tesla to strictly abide by China Laws and regulations, strengthen internal management, implement the main responsibility of corporate quality and safety, effectively maintain social public safety, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Previously, for spontaneous combustion incidents, automatic driving out of control accidents, and the recent charging failure storm, Tesla officials did not give a reasonable explanation for the vehicle itself, and its response and response methods were mainly "sweeping the pot". , Believes that the cause of the accident is improper use by the car owner, and "should dump" the charging failure to the State Grid, claiming that the vehicle inverter is damaged because the current of the State Grid is too large and the instantaneous current overload is caused.It was quickly "faced" by the State Grid.

Image source: Visual China

According to industry insiders, Tesla officials have never actively addressed the causes of frequent burning or explosion, and have always insisted that it has considerable safety, and does not fundamentally modify the battery assembly and control strategy, which means burning or explosion Accidents may continue to occur.

Tesla's sales in China decline

Also cleared by the world's largest hedge fund

According to comprehensive reports from many media,1月在国内市场共交付15484辆新车。虽然同比增长,但相较于去年12月份的23804辆减少了8320辆,环比暴跌35%。

Among them, the star model Mdoel 3 delivered 1 in January, a 13843% drop from the previous month, which undoubtedly reflects the slowdown in the growth of the Tesla brand in China.

Some analysts believe that this is mainly due to the large export volume and the slow growth of Model Y's production capacity.Some analysts also believe that it may be affected by the shortage of full chips, and may even be related to a series of "negative" news that Tesla has recently encountered.In fact, Wall Street has never stopped controversy about Tesla.The data on Tesla's positions disclosed by some institutions a few days ago has also been polarized.

On February 2, the 12F report submitted by the world's largest hedge fund Bridgewater Fund to the US Securities Regulatory Commission showed that Tesla cleared its stock in the fourth quarter of last year and sold a total of 13 shares.

Image source: Visual China


In a recent interview with CNBC, CathieWood, a "female Buffett" who had previously bet on Tesla and earned 190% in a year, fully explained three reasons for being optimistic about Tesla in the long term, namely battery cost and artificial intelligence chips. And autonomous driving data.

CathieWood believes that Tesla is moving along the cost curve of mobile phones and laptops. Tesla has more efficient batteries and costs continue to decrease. Cathie Wood predicts that Tesla will become the leader in autonomous driving. At present, Tesla's nearly 70 cars are already collecting data, and it already has 100 billion to 120 billion miles of real-world driving data.

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