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Nowadays, young people don't like to talk to relatives during the New Year. It is not rude, but the process of visits by existing relatives, and they do not treat children as independent and equal. . .
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Nowadays, young people don’t like to talk to relatives during the Chinese New Year. It is not rude, but the process of visits by existing relatives, and they do not treat children as equal persons with independent personality.

It’s too abstract. Let’s change the scene. Assuming that the children and classmates come to the house as guests, we will talk to parents in the tone of relatives, and we will understand all at once.

"Dad, hurry up and call Xiao Wang, this is my classmate, and bring my father and Uncle Wang to celebrate the New Year! Dad, hurry up and say hello Xiao Wang!"

"Uncle Wang! Don't you remember me, Uncle, you still hugged me back then! You were still a great young man at that time! It was so big in a blink of an eye!"

"My dad has been going outside to dance the square dance these few days. I think that little dance pose is really exciting! Come and dance for my classmates!"

"What shyness, it's my own family, do you dance one!"

"What's the matter with you, last time I went to my Aunt Li's house, my Aunt Li sang a piece of Beijing opera generously, but she gave her daughter a long face!"

"Please don't mind classmates, my dad is a little acquainted, he is just like that, don't be familiar with elders."

"Dad, don't just watch your TV every day. The house is here. Why don't you feel at all as a master?"

"Uncle Wang is now retired? How much is the pension? Is there tens of thousands!"

"It's only a few thousand? That can't be! What about your institution, do you hide your own small vault?"

"It's not easy for Xiao Wang to work hard outside to support you in old age! You can help him out! He is also for this family!"

"What do we do for our children! Isn't it just for the elderly to spend their old age?"

"Uncle Wang is here, dad, take out the Maotai and Pu'er you usually save, and take a look at it. The elders must know how to share!"

"Xiao Wang, your dad likes this Maotai? Then wrap it up and let your uncle take it away. You can take it back and drink it slowly!"

"Dad, why are you staring? Why are you so picky? Sending a wine is like stealing your stuff. Is this wine yours? Didn't I buy you last year? Will your son buy you again in the future? That's it!"

"Uncle Wang is fine, take it if you like it!"

"Don't disappoint me for the New Year!"

"Uncle Wang has bought insurance for himself? If you don't buy insurance, how can you rest assured that juniors are fighting outside! If you want me to say you have to give yourself more protection! Don't make juniors feel scared every day."

"When a person reaches his age, he has to exercise more. I feel bored at home every day and get sick!"

"My dad is too lonely. Many of my dads play with a lot of uncles and aunts, but he doesn't go out at home every day, so I'm so sad."

"Dad, what are you so special?"

"Oh, Xiao Wang, what kind of red envelopes are you going to make if you come here! No need!"

"In that case, I'll pack one for Uncle Wang. Those who come for the New Year's Eve are here, so don't be polite to me!"

"You hold back and tear it with me! This is for the elderly! Take it, Uncle Wang!"

"What's the matter! So much effort?"

"Dad, keep it! Say thank you Xiao Wang!"

"Okay, I won't give it away, happy new year!"

"Dad, come out to give it away too! Hold in that bear face!"

Of course there must be something indispensable--

"Dad, I will save the red envelope of Xiao Wang for you first, and you will have money when you take care of the old age!"


The following is a CDT excerpt from netizens' comments under this Weibo:

@我不冯博: Dad, what was your blood pressure during the last physical examination, and compare it with Uncle Wang.Oh, look at you, diastolic blood pressure and systolic blood pressure are higher than Uncle Wang!Uncle Wang, how do you usually exercise, tell my dad quickly and let him study hard.

@One Plastic Knife: How about playing monkeys

@阿猪猪快乐 Surfing: And some relatives love to be in charge of everything, asking questions, how much money do you make?Have a boyfriend?Not getting married at this age?May I introduce you to it?It's hard to get married after this age!

@Just One Micro-Dust: There is a picture, suffocating

@aying73887: No one wants to be a tool man.

@ This person is very ordinary: really a talent to say.

@三蝶纪: Haha, the picture feels so strong~ remind yourself not to be such an annoying adult~

@SpikeCowboy_: There is always an embarrassing atmosphere of insincere with relatives and social.

@Glutinous potato: I definitely don't allow my baby to go through all of this, especially in public performances.

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