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管理着价值170亿澳元的资产,帕拉迪丝(David Paradice)可谓澳大利

管理着价值170亿澳元的资产,帕拉迪丝(David Paradice)可谓澳大利亚投资界传奇人物。他旗下的基金公司Paradice Investment management原本持有GameStop股票,但就在散户“造反”使股价飙升前,却出售了该公司的股票,因而错过了10个亿澳元的意外之财。


澳洲备受尊崇投资经理人之一的David Paradice

Photo/Louise Kennerley

Paradice was rather calm about missing this chance to make a fortune.He described the current market situation as very enthusiastic and interesting, but "it's crazy too!"


Paradice's Denver office said he has no regrets about the company's premature selling of GameStop stock. "We have a lot of experienced people to help us analyze stocks. We spend a lot of time studying stocks, stocks and trading trends."

"That's why we can sleep well every night, because we know how to invest-based on fundamental investment, we don't do crazy things."

While the surge in GameStop's stock price has triggered warnings from regulators, it has also triggered predictions that this is the rise of a new form of investment that may permanently change the financial market.


Previously, a large number of retail investors united on the forums of the Reddit website to push the stock price up, causing the stock price of the previously unpopular US video game retailer to soar by more than 1% in January, and destroying those who bet billions of dollars in stock prices. Of hedge funds.

According to estimates by people familiar with the matter, in December last year and January this year, Paradice sold GameStop's shares for between 12 million and 1 million U.S. dollars, and the value of its holdings was reported to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the first time in 3200 of 3400. Compared with 2014 USD of GameStop shares, there has been a huge increase.

If Paradice originally held an investment in GameStop and then sold it when retail investors were most enthusiastic, when its stock price reached a staggering $483, the fund could have made a net profit of $8.55 million (about $11 billion).


In the September update, Paradice mentioned that GameStop's share price increase (at about $9 at the time) was a key factor in the performance of its global small-cap funds.

American politicians seized the GameStop craze as an example of retail investors fighting back against powerful Wall Street interest groups, but the reality is much more complicated.

此外,Paradice还积极指出,Paradice Investments是代表养老金和养老基金(包括非盈利行业基金)进行投资的。

"We operate funds for large super funds. My view is that I am operating funds for a large number of small companies. My responsibility is to ensure that capital preservation and downside protection are really important to us," he said.

"This is not to turn off the lights, because this method does cause a lot of volatility."

"As long as you stick to the basic principles and do the right thing, then other things will follow."

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