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What shocked everyone was that a person who had a computer and live broadcast equipment, had access to station B, and was able to make videos, could not eat strawberries, and finally died alone in poverty.Have. . .

tech low life”再也不是科幻,已经成为现实。


At No. 344 behind the fruit shop, a young man died.The news spread to Yingbin Avenue in Huili County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province in just a few days.No. 344 Yingbin Avenue is a five-story old building hidden in a narrow alley.



The neighbours pieced together the image of Mocha based on the last remaining memories: they look like they are in their thirties; they are almost XNUMX meters tall, which makes them stand out among Sichuanese; they are fat, about two hundred catties, and they wear a pair of frames. glasses.





Granny Lin noticed that the young man always wore the same thin gray clothes.She guessed that he was in a difficult life, and every time he came, he added more flour and a few more pieces of lamb to the bowl, filling a large bowl with a spoon.

At noon on January 1, Granny Lin saw the police car next to the fruit shop.After a while, the stretcher was carried out by a person, covered with a white cloth, and it was not clear what it looked like.It wasn't until the father of the deceased came to express condolences the next day that she saw the similar face and knew that it was the young man living in room 10 who was dead.

The body was found by the XNUMX-year-old landlord Zhou's mother-in-law.






This is a room less than 20 square meters, with a concrete floor, equipped with a iron frame bed, a desk and a bathroom.There is a big window in front of the bed, and the sunlight is half blocked by the building opposite.

According to local folk customs, if the deceased did not die in his own home, then he must do a ritual in his residence, otherwise the soul cannot enter the Yin Cao Netherworld.After Xiao Chen's death, Granny Zhou waited for several days, but she didn't see his family come to do anything. She was anxious and sad, so she paid for the Taoist priest.After the ritual, Granny Zhou hired someone to move the bed, tables and chairs out of the room, repainted the walls, put new locks on the door, and turned down all tenants who wanted to rent.


In a parallel space unknown to Granny Lin, the death of the virtual anchor Mocha is setting off a storm of public opinion.






大家震撼的是,一个有电脑和直播设备、能接触到B站、会做视频的人,吃不起草莓,最后贫病中孤独死去。有网友评论:“high tech
low life”再也不是科幻,已经成为现实。

02.Pieces of computer, life and friendship



Ilyich is a medical student.One day, Mocha had a private chat and asked him: What is the cause of the stomachache?Illich asked in detail where it hurts, how long it took, and so on, and finally concluded that it was a peptic ulcer.Mocha said that he did not have the money to buy medicine. Illich bought the medicine for two months and mailed it to him. He made a list of medicines and told him to take the medicine for a year, otherwise the symptoms would not be cured.

Mocha seems to have a lot of illnesses, and he will come for consultation every three to five, and the two of them slowly become acquainted.Occasionally one day when I chatted, Yi Liqi knew that after taking the medicine, Mocha had no money to continue.

Mocha gradually mentioned his living conditions, working as a stevedore in Chengdu, earning 300 yuan a month and paying XNUMX yuan rent.The tone was ordinary, but Ilyich felt shocked. He had never seen such a person in his life before. How can you live a month with XNUMX yuan?Illich did not dare to think.Mocha reports that he often breaks, and sometimes breaks the instant noodles and eats several times. There are mountains nearby, and he once went up the mountains to pick weeds and wild vegetables.In addition, he will pick up things to eat.





After returning to his hometown, Mocha told everyone that he wanted to find a side job. Everyone suggested that he be a virtual anchor of vtuber to earn some extra income.But Mocha said that he had no equipment.

The equipment was sent little by little from all over the country.Everyone in the group together found that everyone has discarded old computer accessories in their homes, just enough to make up a computer.Illich sent a set of audio equipment, a monitor headset, a sound card and a microphone.Two days later, Mocha sent the assembled computer photos to the group, and was very happy in words.

Along with it, there is another gift, an avatar designed by a group of friends for Mocha-a black-haired boy with bangs and a pale face.


In Illich's eyes, Mocha's video clips are smooth and have a good sense of rhythm, not losing to professionals who have graduated from majors.The biggest disadvantage is that the preference for material is confusing.Illich said that on the one hand, there is no way out for MAD itself; on the other hand, Mocha is very reluctant to do some themes that he doesn't like, and the themes he likes are all unpopular.





Excluding the rake and taxes, the admiral can finally receive XNUMX yuan in a month, which will be his biggest income since his live broadcast career. B station regulations: the income can be withdrawn only the following month, and it takes several days to arrive in the account.

Mocha died a month later.


There were early signs of everything, and the pain has been torturing the ink tea.According to station B news, after taking the medicine sent by Ilyich, his stomachache often made it difficult for him to fall asleep. At least he also suffered from liver disease and diabetes.Since the beginning of winter, Mocha's body has gone from bad to worse.He told himself in the group that he often vomited and was thirsty, and needed to drink water every five minutes; in the end, he had to rely on his hands to hold a piece of paper.








Adobe Audition的简写,一种音频录制和编辑软件),“非常牛逼的那一类”,在群里论技术能排到前三。



There are two months of preparation before borrowing money.Everyone vaguely knew that Qing Yu had a bad relationship with her family. In the spring of 2016, he said in the group that he took a private order for making a video, but because of a fight with his mother, his mother broke the computer.So he ran away from home, couldn't find a place to live, didn't have a computer, couldn't hand over the work, and had to pay liquidated damages, which he couldn't even pay.Qingyu posted a few photos in the group, one was the video interface being edited, and the other was the smashed computer.In the photo, the data cable is torn off and the keyboard is cracked.

After that, Qingyu often said that he had a miserable life.When I said this, I would add a few pictures, sometimes on a barren mountain, sometimes in an Internet cafe, sometimes even sleeping on the street.



Trust collapsed little by little.At the beginning, a group of friends saw a photo of Qingyufa's Sleeping Street, which seemed familiar. They used Baidu to identify the picture and found the original picture on Tieba.After being exposed, Qingyu stopped talking immediately.But after that, he still took the photos correctly, and was picked up as a net map. He was silent for a while, then changed the topic after a while and continued to talk.

Back then, the Overwatch game became a big hit, and the account of this game required payment.Qingyu borrowed a group friend's account to play. When the group friend logged in again, he found that the password had been changed.This incident immediately blew up in the group, and the angry group friends accused Qingyu, who did not respond positively and did not make much excuse.Since then, everyone's grievances towards Qingyu have deepened.


When he appeared in the group again, Qingyu became low.He said that his father left himself in the wild, and he walked for two days before returning to his residence, imitating "Survival in the Wilderness" on the road and drinking water from the ditch.



Money is always a thorn.After another while, as soon as Qingyu appeared in the group, no matter what he said, he would immediately fall into the cold.

Qing Yu said fewer and fewer words. The last speech stayed on January 2017, 1, and the gray QQ portrait never lighted up.




Selling miserably, to pave the way for borrowing money, the dynamics left by the ink tea are still familiar formulas.Zhe Qing wanted to expose this habitual deception. He used his time off work to start collecting evidence with his group of friends.


Zhe Qing and the group of friends made a plan to summarize the chat records and transfer records, and then contact other deceived persons to hand over the matter to the police.

However, the chat content was transferred out by a group of friends, which caused an uproar.


Zheqing flipped through the pages of Mocha's B station, and the long-lost familiarity spontaneously emerged.




Zheqing thought repeatedly, maybe he really changed it?The prodigal son turned around?He guessed that Qingyu might have thought about paying back the money, and was also trying to make money.But until the moment he died, there was still not enough financial capacity.Zheqing also saw some netizens speculate that the net name went from Qingyu to Black Tea, and finally to Mocha. In the process, he gradually became desperate for life.

On January 1, AirAsia posted an article mourning Mocha in the column of station B, recalling the moments of getting along in 22, and also included the borrowed money and disappearing clips, but was scolded by netizens for throwing dirty water on the dead and rubbing the dead. The heat is a villain who eats human blood buns.



The spearhead of this online scolding war is also directed at Mocha's parents.

In the online version, Mocha was abandoned by his parents who ran away to hide their debts. The parents took away his only sheltered house from wind and rain, and found someone to beat him and sweep him out.Under this circumstance, he can only rent a small house in the county town and live the live broadcast while working.

It is a XNUMX-minute drive from Xichang City, where Liangshan Prefecture is located. A two-story building next to the provincial highway is the grandpa of Mocha.There is a dog, a few chickens and a pig at home, and there is less than one mu of self-cultivating land behind the house.Mocha has lived here for many years.

Ink tea's mother, Chen Xia, and Ren jointly run a foot bath shop in Xichang, and will return to her father's house the next evening.Recently, in order to avoid reporters, she started to go home in the morning.


阳阳的外公告诉All now,阳阳三岁时,陈霞和杨明忠离婚了。

According to his grandfather’s recollection, when Yang Yang was six years old, Yang Mingzhong remembered his son again. He squatted at the school gate to wait for him during school hours and coaxed him to buy a toy car and brought Yang Yang back to his home in Huili County. .Yang Mingzhong is a small foreman.Sometimes when he is not at home, he asks Yangyang to eat alone in a nearby small restaurant, and when he comes back, he will check out the bill.When Yangyang was in elementary school, Yang Mingzhong bought him a computer.

During the three or four years at his father's house, Yang Yang never called his grandfather.Later, the father formed a new family and had another son.At the age of eleven or twelve, Yang Yang was sent back to Chen Xia, and the computer was transferred to his younger brother.


Yang Yang is more reserved and introverted.After graduating from junior high school, he went to a vocational high school in Huili County, where he majored in computer science.When there were two semesters before graduation, he ran home and said nothing was going on.

In this way, he squatted at home for more than a year, seldom went out, and spent the whole day playing with the computer in the house.


Grandpa got through the principal's phone.The other party said that Chen Songyang was assigned a job, but he did not arrive.

Yangyang did not want to go home, saying that he would work in Chengdu.A few months later, he called Chen Xia and said that he hadn't signed a work agreement, and now he has no work and no money.Chen Xia immediately took the money.After that, every one or two months, Yang Yang would call to ask for money, and Chen Xia would pay three to five hundred yuan each time.

At the end of 2019, Yang Yang returned to his hometown. He has gained a lot of weight, his stomach has become awkward, and his taste has changed. He often buys meat dishes such as lo-mei and dried duck to share with his family.Grandpa guessed that Yang Yang had a pretty good time in Chengdu.After that, Yang Yang got fatter and fatter, and his round face became narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, swollen like winter melon.Chen Xia also noticed that there was a soybean-sized tumor on each side of her son's nose.

Chen Xia didn't know what her son was doing with the computer every day, and she couldn't understand it if he didn't say anything.The mother and son quarreled every three to five, and the contradiction intensified. One morning in March and April of 2020, Chen Xia asked her to introduce her son to a job, but the son refused to go, and the two argued.Angrily, Chen Xia knocked the computer to the ground.At noon that day, Chen Xia was sitting in the hall, and saw her son hired a tricycle to move the mainframe of the computer downstairs, took two or three more clothes, got in the car and left.


与网络流传的版本不同,杨明忠住在乡下,距离会理县城一个多小时车程。和All now见面这天,他穿着破旧的牛仔裤,黑色棉袄左肘处有一大块绽开,翻出肮脏的棉絮。


Without the money, the wife who later married also ran away, leaving behind his 2-year-old son.In recent years, he can only hide his debts everywhere.

In June 2020, Yang Yang came to the door and said that he would have an operation.Yang Mingzhong had no money at the time, so he could only pay the registration fee.As a result, my son went to the hospital and could no longer make calls.



She got news from her son again, it was a death notice from the police station.


He wanted to wash his son, but it was too heavy to drag, so he could only ask the funeral home to wipe off the blood, take a bath, and change his clothes.Outside the crematorium the next day, Chen Xia glanced one last time, her son closed her eyes, as if asleep.

Chen Xia took the urn home and buried it on the mountain behind her home.She asked a Taoist priest to do the ritual at home, and each door was pasted with yellow talisman paper.The sacrificial incense and three plates have been placed till now.

儿子去世之后,陈霞不敢独处。 没人说话的时候,悲伤铺天盖地袭来,她会放声大哭。她梦见过儿子一次:
在一个非常陌生的地方,对方看起来像儿子,又不太像,始终没说话,用一种悲伤的眼神看着她。 醒后她想到,梦见的是小时候的儿子。

Chen Xia keeps a thick photo album, with the most photos before the age of ten.In the group photo, Chen Xia put her arms around Yang Yang's shoulders, Yang Yang narrowed her eyes and smiled shyly at the camera.Later, there were fewer and fewer group photos, and most of the ID photos kept.





06.Tombstone of the Internet

In recent days, Chen Xia has received several calls from the village, suggesting that she deletes her son's account, otherwise the effect will not be good.Chen Xia also knew that all over her account was scolding her, but that was after all traces left by her son during his lifetime. The staff at station B contacted her and asked if she wanted to keep the account as a commemorative account. She didn't think about it, and didn't say whether to keep it or not.A few days later, Yang Mingzhong called and said that Yang Yang's account number was no longer visible.Chen Xia was a little anxious again. After fiddling with her phone for a long time, she didn't know where to look.


An Qin also paid attention to Mocha. She knew Mocha lived in Huili County and was her hometown.When looking at Mocha's dynamics, she found that not only was the photo of her residence very similar to her own, but the bathroom door was also different from the subtle patterns on the road.It was not until I saw the address of Mocha in the news that it was at No. 344 Yingbin Avenue that Anqin knew that the deceased Master Up lived downstairs.


An Qin joined a QQ group mourning Mocha. There were more than a thousand people in the group. The group members raised funds to ask An Qin to buy a bunch of sunflowers and a pork dumpling, and she bought a box of strawberries by herself.




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