Australia-This Chinese enters overseas, consigns 153 kilograms of pork, may face a fine of up to XNUMX yuan and imprisonment for three years (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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Singapore Customs recently seized an incident of illegally imported pork. On January 1, a Chinese imported 27 kilograms

Singapore Customs recently seized an incident of illegally imported pork.

On January 1, a Chinese imported 27 kilograms of pork, chicken, sausages and other meats to Singapore...


Source: Freepik has so much meat because it is about to celebrate the Chinese New Year, so are you in a hurry to make a big meal... ICA officials found this "New Year's Day" when checking passenger luggage at Changi Airport Terminal XNUMX Gift package".

Source: mothership

There is no doubt that this meat will never reach the table in Singapore.Not only that, this meat-loving passenger may face a fine of up to S$XNUMX or/and imprisonment for three years.

I don't know if there is so much meat in the luggage of this passenger, whether it is for the sake of making their own New Year goods or selling them out, or because they are worried about ractopamine in pork in Singapore.


Source: ica Because Xiaopo's pork import standards have been adjusted since May 5st last year, pork imported from Singapore cannot contain ractopamine, which is the same as the requirements and standards for imported pork from China.However, since May 1, 20, the proportion of ractopamine in pork is less than a certain standard, and it can be exported to Singapore.


Source: sfa However, no matter what, because of this more than a hundred catties of meat, so severely punished, the real wife is not worth the loss! !

Singapore’s laws and regulations are very strict, and there are many weird and unexpected laws, so you must always pay more attention and don’t accidentally step on thunder~


Photo source: The guardian takes meat first. Every time he leaves his hometown, Ma Ma particularly likes beef jerky, bacon, sausage and other hometown delicacies stuffed into your luggage, but they cannot enter Singapore! ! !


Source: Chinese yummy food I am envious of domestic friends who can bring a suitcase full of delicious food every time they leave home... We can only turn the delicious food into body meat when we go home. Take it back to Singapore as a souvenir.


Source: Steamy Kitchen has chewing gum that is not available in Singapore! !In order to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the garden city of Singapore, chewing gum, which is sticky and easy to stick to the ground, was banned from appearing on supermarket shelves in Singapore.


Source: PSD also really hopes that the Xiaopo government believes in our quality and let go of chewing gum imports. You must know that chewing gum not only refreshes the breath, but also relieves pressure! !But in Singapore, just selling chewing gum is illegal, but eating chewing gum is not illegal.


Source: abc news So smart friends, you can try to diy the Lion City family version of chewing gum~ After all, if you don't even try, how can you know that your hands-on ability is really bad?


Source: Internet. Moreover, Xiaopo not only has strict requirements on various foods, but also pays attention to Di Di in your private life. For example, some office workers cannot wait to untie their tie and take off their shirt when they get home. Throw the trousers all over again, then strip yourself naked, and leaned back on the sofa...


Source: mnt If you don’t draw the curtains right now and the neighbor accidentally sees your naked and natural side, then he can report you reasonably and legally. So if the young couple want to do something interesting at home, they must Remember to close the doors and windows, draw the curtains, and don’t give others a chance to report you~


Source: Faa must strictly abide by the law. Besides you, there are also your pets.In Singapore, pet owners who walk their dogs are very qualified.


Photo source: Even if good housekeeping does not bring paper towels, they will overcome difficulties and dangers, using various strange ways, such as using two new currency notes to pick up the dog's Baba.After all, if the owner does not deal with it in time, the amount of the fine will be very frantic...


Source: petmd Dear friends, do you know any "wonderful" regulations that are easy to step on thunder in Singapore?

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