Australia-This kind of internet celebrity fireworks is dangerous!Office of the State Council Security Committee: All steel wool fireworks will be removed from the shelves – Australia Chinatown-Australia News Portal

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On the 16th, the Office of the Security Committee of the State Council organized a special meeting, deployed to investigate and crack down on illegal activities involving the production, transportation and sales of cold light fireworks and "steel wool fireworks", and issued notices and requirements.The notice emphasized that steel wool should be strictly managed as flammable and dangerous goods, and the use of steel wool as fireworks production, sales, and display should be severely cracked down in accordance with the law; the current “steel wool fireworks” sold in physical stores and online platforms must be all Remove the shelves and properly dispose of them; for steel wool used in industrial production and residents' lives, we must ensure the normal production and supply, and prevent simplification and "one size fits all".



In addition, it is necessary to implement the main security responsibility of the delivery logistics enterprise, and strictly investigate and punish the mailing of cold-light fireworks and "steel wool fireworks" in accordance with the law.For various violations of laws and regulations that constitute violations of public security management, public security management penalties shall be imposed according to law; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law.

The notice requires that the normalization of investigation, punishment and crackdown work mechanisms must be improved.Establish an announcement system for local cold-light fireworks production enterprises, implement local regulatory responsibilities and corporate responsibilities; implement local fireworks and firecrackers "fighting illegal" grid work mechanism, "fight at the outset" of violations of laws and regulations; give full play to the role of social supervision, establish and improve reporting Acceptance, verification, rewards and other working mechanisms form a work pattern of group prevention and group governance.


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