Australia-A man who uses a nebulizer in a hotel refutes the Victorian government: twice approved to use it and asks the governor to apologize-Chinatown, Australia

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在使用雾化器被认为是引发维州最新的COVID-19疫情的错误之后,这名在酒店隔离区使用雾化器的男子表示,政府没有人向他了解他对于这件事的说法。 关于这件事出现了互相矛盾的媒体报道,因为这名38岁的海外返回旅客告诉《时代报》(The Age) ,他曾经两次被允许在墨尔本机场假日酒店(Holiday Inn)检疫期间使用雾化器治疗他的哮喘。 该男子后来对COVID-19病毒呈阳性反应,而该州卫生…

关于这件事出现了互相矛盾的媒体报道,因为这名38岁的海外返回旅客告诉《时代报》(The Age) ,他曾经两次被允许在墨尔本机场假日酒店(Holiday Inn)检疫期间使用雾化器治疗他的哮喘。

The man later tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, and the state health officials believe that the use of a nebulizer caused virus fragments to leak from his room, triggering a cluster of cases, which has now grown to 17 cases.



"They asked me what medicine I took, and I gave them our medication record. I did say that I had a nebulizer and a spray liquid. They said we did not have a liquid, and asked me if I had enough liquid, and I said yes Yes. Then it's over.

"Rather than writing down detailed medical records, they are more interested in interacting with my 12-week-old baby."

但是,COVID-19维州检疫局(CQV)负责人Emma Cassar表示,没有任何申报一名返国旅客将雾化器带入假日酒店的历史记录。

"I can definitely say that there is no evidence in our review that he ever made this request to our health team or operations team," Ms. Cassar told reporters on Saturday.


Radio 3AW reported on Monday that the man asked Governor Daniel Andrews to apologize and said no one from the government had contacted him except Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton.

The radio played a recording from the man and changed the voice. The man said that he was surprised that no one contacted him to find out his explanation of the incident.

"I have seen Dan Andrews' comments, he said we have the gold standard for hotel quarantine in Victoria," he said.

"I think what really surprised me was the fact that no one from the Andrews government tried to contact me to find out what I said about this.

"I expect that under this gold standard, you will strive to obtain facts from every source, not just your own source.

"In the end, I really hope that the government can reach out to more people who pass the hotel quarantine program and continue to work hard to improve it so that more people can return to Australia in a safe way."

Ms. Cassar said on Saturday that the man "did not do anything wrong" and she felt sorry for the pressure this situation caused him.

"He did not lie; we did not make these accusations," she said. "But there is no evidence in our review that he raised this matter."

She said that returning passengers are required to declare medical equipment when they arrive at the hotel’s isolation area, but hotel staff are not allowed to inspect their luggage.

"This is a very regrettable incident... We have taken steps to ensure that this does not happen again," Ms. Cassar said.

On Monday, Governor Daniel Andrews said in an interview that he would not add any comments other than Ms. Cassar’s comments.

"This person is receiving the best care in a public hospital in Victoria. I wish him all the best, and I hope he can recover as soon as possible," he told reporters.

“我敢肯定会有很多人与他谈过各种事情,他是一个阳性病例。我当然没有和他交谈过,也不打算就这些问题展开辩论。除此之外,我没有其他要补充的。”  — With Evin Priest, NCA Newswire

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