Australia-Secretary of State Blincol's video speech for the declaration of 58 countries in China | Australia Chinatown

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布林肯国务卿就58国签署《反对国与国关系中任意拘押宣言》发表讲话。(视频截图) 在加拿大倡议下,美国。。。
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Secretary of State Brinken made a speech on 58 countries signing the "Declaration Against Arbitrary Detention in State-to-State Relations." (Video screenshot)

在加拿大倡议下,美国等58个国家2月15日发表《反对在国与国关系中任意拘押宣言》(Declaration Against Arbitrary Detention in
Kovrig)和斯帕佛(Michael Spavor)的外交努力有关。美国国务卿布林肯就这项宣言发表视频讲话。

The following is a full translation of Secretary Blincoln’s speech:

I am honored to participate in this initiative, and I thank Canada for its leadership in this effort.


This is totally unacceptable.This has been prohibited by international human rights conventions.However, some countries are still doing this, and we as a global family must stand up against it.

This arbitrary detention violates the human rights of the detainees, brings suffering to their families, and threatens everyone who travels, works, and lives abroad.

Now is the time to send a clear message to every government that arbitrarily detains foreign citizens and tries to use them as a bargaining chip: the international community will not tolerate this practice.

The fact that so many countries support this declaration shows its power.Let us maintain this momentum now.I urge more countries to join us and declare clearly that arbitrary detention is not tolerated in state-to-state relations.Humans are not bargaining chips.This is about human rights and the rule of law.We will stand up for both.

thank you all.

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