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阿德奶茶店老板打破沉默,声称打人事件和工资纠纷没有关系 奶茶店东主对于年轻女性被袭击的事件发表了声明。 里面提到这位女性雇员是被他们的店内客人袭击的。。。澳洲唐人街
                <strong>阿德奶茶店老板打破沉默,声称打人事件和工资纠纷没有关系<br />




10号台将在今天下午5点的 ‘10号台新闻早知道’ 节目中进行详细报道。


The owners of the bubble tea store where a young woman was assaulted have released a statement about the incident.
They say the female employee was allegedly struck by a customer, who was in no way related to the store.

The owners are also claiming it was not connected to a pay dispute, and the "incident arose after a previous verbal argument which the female employee had with the customer."

Details in 10 News First Adelaide at 5pm.


10 News

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