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About 2004, there was such a building on Nanjing Road in Qingdao.There are six floors in total, except for the first floor

About 2004, there was such a building on Nanjing Road in Qingdao.

The building has a total of six floors. Except for the KFC on the first floor, there are five floors for living.

However, in the evening, except for the KFC business downstairs, the whole building has no light at all, which looks strange and deserted.

You know, this building is only a 5-minute walk from Carrefour, Qingdao’s most popular supermarket.

The Hong Kong Middle Road, where Carrefour is located, belongs to a commercial district, and almost half of the office buildings in Qingdao are concentrated.

And the city government is also here, it is very convenient to go to the beach.

The above is enough to explain its excellent geographical location.

So why are there no people in the residential area?

Not because no one came, but no one dared to come.

You must have guessed the reason:.

In the beginning, there were also residents, except for the two vacant ones on the roof, but nobody cared.

But I don't know from which day, there will always be women's crying on the top floor in the middle of the night.

It was always the case, everyone was really scared, so a few male owners in the building discussed and went up together to have a look.

They followed the sound of crying to the door of a house on the top floor, but the door was locked and they could not enter. They could only see the scene of the house through the window.

In the shadows, I saw a woman in white pajamas floating towards them lightly.

Good guy, a few big men flee in fright.

As for what it is, no one is in the mood to pursue it.

When this happened, the residents on the same floor were so upset, so they moved out in a few days.

In the remaining home, two elderly people lived. Both the grandfather and his wife were over 75 years old, and they didn't care much about them.

Unexpectedly, after a few days, the TV at home would suddenly turn on automatically and the phone kept ringing.

Seeing that there was no way to live, the only household also moved out.

Generally speaking, as long as a haunted incident occurs in a place, whether it is true or not, it will affect housing prices more or less.

This is naturally no exception.

It is said that a house that was originally worth 7000 per square meter (calculated as second-hand), because this incident once fell to 3500 per square meter, and in the end even a set of 5...

In this way, how can real estate agents be happy?Reported angrily.

The police sent several police officers over to check, but they couldn't find anything and they had to give up.

However, the rumor that this building is haunted has spread farther and farther. Most of the post-90s generations in Qingdao have an impression of this incident, which can be said to be a shadow of childhood.

Even CCTV was alarmed, and sent people to interview, for which a special documentary was released.

The first place I visited was Qingdao No. XNUMX Middle School, which is relatively close.

During that time, the students of the school were so scared that they could not study and do their activities normally. They dared not go out at night, and they had to be accompanied by their parents to do their homework.

This abnormal phenomenon attracted the attention of the school's physical education teacher Xu Xiangming. After inquiring, he learned of the matter, but subconsciously did not believe it.

It wasn't until more and more people told him that Xu Xiangming slowly began to doubt it.

At this time, there happened to be a netizen named "Jiu Ge" posting a post on the Internet, recruiting partners to visit the ghost building.

The real name of the poster is Liu Haitao, an assistant librarian at Qingdao Folklore Museum.

He also felt very strange to the rumors. How could there be ghosts in the world?

Liu Haitao didn't believe in evil, so he wanted to call "comrades in the same way" to do something to prove his thoughts.

And Xu Xiangming hit it off with him.

When I arrived at the scene, I was dumbfounded. In such a prosperous place, this building was so deserted, it made people feel straightforward.

To be safe, the two decided to start by investigating the surrounding residents.

I learned from the residents that everyone was bothered by rumors.

Some people hurriedly draw the curtains when it gets dark, afraid to stand in front of the window.

Some people are skeptical, but can't figure out, if there is nothing in it, why is such a good house unoccupied?

During the investigation, Xu Xiangming discovered that other schools around him spread more fiercely. Even students passing notes to each other in class said that they had a strong sense of fear in their hearts.

However, no one can tell what happened.

Xu Xiangming also murmured directly in his heart. It seems that he wants to know more about it. This sweeping of the building is inevitable.

On February 2005, 2, Qingdao ushered in a big cooling.

More than ten people including Xu Xiangming and Liu Haitao decided to visit the ghost building at night at XNUMX o'clock in the morning.

Although they had planned for the worst, they couldn't help but retreat in the face of the gloomy atmosphere when they actually walked in.

It was pitch black inside, and I could only use a flashlight to light it. Many windows had broken glass, or it seemed to be crumbling.

The strangest thing is that the windows in this building are all red curtains.

The few elders were frightened, Xu Xiangming was at the forefront and could only bite the bullet and walk forward.

He leaned on the window and peered in through the cracks of the window. It didn't matter if he looked at it, a dark shadow inside immediately started to sweat.

Fortunately, they are crowded, so they won't be frightened.

After calming down, Xu Xiangming realized that it was his own shadow that reflected light.

But everyone's expressions are obviously serious. Since it's nothing, why are they covered with red curtains?

At this time, the three girls accompanying the team were so scared that they couldn't speak, desperately squeezing in between.

They then went up and suddenly found that all the doors leading to the top floor were locked.

After discussing it, everyone decided to set up a tent in the corridor first to see if they could stand still.

But until 4 o'clock in the morning, nothing happened except the whining wind.

Xu Xiangming felt that it was impossible to wait like this, so he called everyone up, decided to choose a teammate, and climbed in through an unclosed window.

In the end, a boy named "Bold" entered, but as soon as he entered, the door closed automatically.

Bold-bold was surprised and jumped up.

People outside heard the movement and hurriedly called out his name.

But here, in the silence and darkness, Bold's nerves are tense, and he can only rely on the faint light of the flashlight to resist fear and go up.

When he reached the fifth floor, he saw a horrifying scene:

An old chair was placed in the middle of the corridor, as if someone was sitting on it, looking at him.

At this time, Bold'er felt her scalp numb for a while, and she almost collapsed.

How could a chair suddenly appear in the empty corridor?Who put it there?

Boldly did not dare to move on.

Neither did he advance, nor did he stand for a while, but curiosity finally defeated fear.

When he passed the chair and was about to continue upward, he inadvertently glanced down, and instantly got goose bumps all over his body:

The place where people sit in the middle of the chair is actually shiny!

Before he could think so much, Bold'er began to run back frantically.

After getting outside, he didn't feel he was alive until his teammates surrounded him.

At this time, Bold-er began to comfort herself, and she could come out well, indicating that there was nothing inside, just scaring herself.

But in fact, he didn't get to the top at all, so there was no convincing power.

After going back like this, Xu Xiangming felt unable to explain to his students.

So he found ""The owner, Qingdao Fushan Group.

The person in charge told Xu Xiangming that this building was jointly constructed by them and funded by the tax bureau. It was originally intended to be distributed to group employees.

However, because of the uneven distribution, some people were dissatisfied and maliciously spread rumors, trying to drive others away.

The CCTV interview came to an abrupt end here, which can be regarded as an explanation.

But some netizens still don’t understand:

Why are those windows hung with red cloth?Isn't it caused by the rumors?Did the rumors go in?Hang up the red curtains inexplicably?

And the house price dropped again and again, down to 5 sets. Why don't the people who spread the rumors buy more sets... Mingming buildings are all empty.

He will never be scared by his own rumors, right?

And that building has now been transformed into a new business hotel. It is said that each room has a mirror on the ceiling facing the bed (? Is this a trick to ward off evil spirits?)

It doesn't mean that there must be some ghosts, but there are too many things that cannot be explained in this world.

The process of exploration is also a kind of respect for science.

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