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In early February this year, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin stated that China has provided vaccine assistance to 2 developing countries including Pakistan, and has exported vaccines to 53 countries.Among them, China's aid to Equatorial Guinea and Zimbabwe's new crown vaccine has arrived in the country.At present, the new crown epidemic in Africa is still severe. After the second wave of the epidemic, the mortality rate has risen to 22%. Vaccines have become the urgent expectations of African countries.The heads of state such as Equatorial Guinea and Zimbabwe highly praised China's good deeds in assisting vaccines, which gave the African people a ray of hope.


On February 2, local time, President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea was vaccinated with the new crown vaccine developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group at the People's Palace in Malabo, the capital.

After being vaccinated with the new crown vaccine, Obiang said that the Chinese new crown vaccine is very effective, and the Equatorial Guinea vaccinators, including me, had no adverse reactions.Obiang said that China provides vaccines to African countries to save the lives of African people. China is not only Equatorial Guinea but also the best friend of the entire Africa.I congratulate and highly appreciate this kind deed of China.



The Chinese government's aid to Equatorial Guinea arrived in Equatorial Guinea on February 2. Equatorial Guinea became the first country in Africa to receive Chinese vaccine assistance. On February 10, Equatorial Guinea's Vice President Manger was first vaccinated with the new crown vaccine, thus becoming the first person to receive the new crown vaccine in Equatorial Guinea.He said that mass vaccination is an important step for Equatorial Guinea to overcome the epidemic.China's vaccines are safe and effective. He himself was first vaccinated to demonstrate for the public.



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President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe: China's aid to vaccines is like sending charcoal in snow

Zimbabwe is one of the first African countries to receive the new crown vaccine donated by China.The new crown vaccine arrived in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, on February 2. This is also the first batch of new crown vaccine received by the country.


△China's aid to Zimbabwe's new crown vaccine arrives in Harare

President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe thanked China for donating the new crown vaccine to Zimbabwe in an interview. He said: "At this moment, the people of Zimbabwe are struggling to fight the epidemic. The batch of new crown vaccines you donated brings hope to the people of Zimbabwe. Let us Saw the light at the end of the tunnel. We are very grateful for this kind of life-saving act."

Mnangagwa said that China is the first country to donate vaccines to us, which shows that the relationship between China and Zimbabwe is stronger than that of gold.These 20 doses of vaccine are enough to vaccinate 10 people.We will give priority to medical staff vaccinations. Zimbabwe has no more than 3 medical staff. In addition to ensuring all medical staff are vaccinated, we will vaccinate the remaining vaccines for the elderly and people with underlying diseases. "


△ President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe is interviewed by a reporter from China Central Radio and Television

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Seychelles President Ram Karawang: Encourage everyone to get vaccinated

Seychelles is the first country in Africa to carry out large-scale COVID-1 vaccination.On January 10, local time, Seychelles President Ram Karawang was vaccinated with the China National Pharmaceutical Group's new crown pneumonia vaccine that day.

Ramkarawang said that it feels like I have received any other vaccines. I encourage all Seychelles to get vaccinated to prevent this disease.



p style=”text-align: center”>△塞舌尔总统拉姆卡拉旺接受疫苗图片来源:塞舌尔《民族报》

Africa is facing the dilemma of "vaccine nationalism"


Experts from the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention previously stated that there are approximately 13 billion people in Africa, and that at least 60% of the population in Africa can be vaccinated to greatly slow the spread of the new coronavirus.Assuming two doses per person, about 15 billion doses are required.It is estimated that this work will cost approximately US$100 billion.

South African President Ramaphosa previously criticized "vaccine nationalism", accusing developed countries of buying large quantities of coronavirus vaccines and harming the interests of other countries.


The WTO’s first African director-general, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, warned on February 2 that “vaccine nationalism” will slow the process of ending the new crown pneumonia epidemic and may weaken the economic growth of all countries. Rich or poor countries.


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