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The Korean film "Poetry" released in 2010 was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.It has made the global film scene amazing, and it has also made countless people fall for it. . .
            2010 年上映的韩国电影《诗》曾一举提名戛纳电影节金棕榈奖。<br />

It made the global film scene amazing, and it also made countless people cry.

The protagonist of the story is 66-year-old Yang Meizi,

Although she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she never gave up her passion for life.

No matter what happens, she always dresses up in front of people,

While capturing the poetry inspiration in life, while seeking salvation for his grandson.

This gentle and indifferent movie moved all audiences,

The exquisite and delicate performance of the old opera bone Yin Jingji also impressed people.

Although she had been inactive for 16 years before "The Poetry" and was no longer well-known to young audiences,

But Yoon Jeong-hee is an out-and-out national treasure actor in South Korea, and she was also a superstar.

Throughout her career as an actress, she has appeared in more than 320 movies,

At its peak, there were five starring movies at the same time.

In the 60s, Yin Jingji was known as one of the "actress troikas", which is evident in the status of the Korean film scene.

Yin Jingji, born in 1944, is 77 years old this year.

However, she, who was supposed to be successful and enjoy her old age, now lives a bit similar to the Yang Meizi she played...

A few years ago, Yin Jingji herself was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and her condition continued to worsen over time.

Recently, it was revealed that she was abandoned alone in France due to illness.

Although the husband and daughter also lived in France, they failed to fulfill their responsibility to take care of her.

On February 2th, a netizen posted a petition on the message board of the Blue House in South Korea: "Save the actor Yoon Jingji who is isolated from the outside world",

In the article, the petitioner said sincerely:

"Yin Jingji suffers from Alzheimer's disease and diabetes. She is now separated from her husband and lives alone in an apartment in the suburbs of Paris, without the care of her spouse."

"Her husband lives in the house where she has lived with her for decades and has been avoiding her."

"Although her daughter lives nearby, she can't take good care of her mother because of her busy work and family life!"

"Yin Jingji was abandoned by her family and fought against the illness alone. She could not go out alone and lived a life like a prison."

"If you can't take medication in time, especially for diabetes, there may be an emergency, so I feel very worried."

Yin Jingji’s younger brothers have repeatedly asked her daughter to let them talk to her sister freely and can visit her at any time, but they are restricted in number and time like visiting prisons.Yin Jingji's personal freedom was restricted, and she even lost her basic right to be a human being. "

"Although Yin Jingji has lived in Paris for a long time, she loves Korea and Korean movies and has not given up her Korean nationality."

"She has always wanted to spend her twilight years on Korean soil, hoping that she can get rid of the neglect and deprivation of basic human rights by her immediate family members, and return to Korea to spend the rest of her life."

Yin Jingji’s other half is the famous Korean pianist Bai Jianyu,

He is two years younger than his wife. They married in 1976 and have a violinist daughter.

Yin Jingji's family has settled in Paris, France since the film was closed in 1994.

Because this couple is a couple of gods and goddesses in the Korean literature and art world in the early years,

In the past, whenever her husband held concerts all over the world, Yin Jingji would always accompany him.

But in 2019, Yin Jingji's three younger brothers took Bai Jianyu and his daughter to the Paris court in one fell swoop, and filed a lawsuit against Yin Jingji's property and custody.

They pointed out that Yoon Jingji is returning to South Korea to visit relatives in 2019.

But one day at the end of April, Bai Jianyu suddenly showed up with his daughter, forced to wake up Yin Jingji who was sleeping, and took her back to Paris like a kidnapping.

After that, the younger brothers could not communicate freely with their sisters, and were often subject to time constraints, and they had to make appointments in advance.

Although in the description of the younger brothers, Bai Jianyu and his daughter are cruel and ruthless,

However, the French legal system fell to their side. In September last year, the Paris court ruled that Yin Jingji’s brothers lost the lawsuit.

After appealing to the Paris High Court, in November, the same result came.

The court held that Sun Meizi (Yin Jingji’s real name) had a close relationship with her spouse and daughter, and she lived a comfortable life in a safe and familiar environment.

There is no basis for allegations that the spouse and daughter have no feelings for her, did not take proper care of her, and are suspected of embezzling property.

Asking for help from France to no avail,

Therefore, Yin Jingji's brothers moved to the Blue House and asked the Korean public to take their sister home. This is what happened today.

Although the publisher is anonymous by the system,

However, according to South Korean News, the author of the petition is Yun Jingji's brother himself.

Of course, such explosive news immediately caused an uproar in Korean society.

Abandoning mothers and wives suffering from Alzheimer’s is unacceptable, not to mention that this is a Korean national treasure actor.

Soon, netizens expressed their harshest condemnation and called on the South Korean government to take Yun Jingji home so that she could be taken care of.

However, at the moment when netizens are most emotional,

Things have reversed.....

Bai Jianyu seriously denied the allegations that he and his daughter abandoned his wife Yin Jingji through the agency:

"All the content is false information and baseless. Yin Jingji has been receiving medical treatment regularly and leads a comfortable and stable life.

Although Bai Jianyu and Yin Jingji have been touring around the world, since a few years ago, Yin Jingji's physical condition has deteriorated rapidly and she can no longer afford to travel for dozens of hours.

Compared to living in a nursing home, living in an apartment near her daughter’s home, compared to being separated from her family, it is of course much better to take care of her by professional caregivers appointed by the court and family. Family and caregivers have been taking good care of her. "

"The number and time limit of telephone calls mentioned in the petition are determined by the court.

The judgment of the Paris High Court held that Yin Jingji’s brothers and sisters called her or visited her, constantly mentioning her as an actor and discussing filming matters, which might cause her mental anxiety. "

"The current Yin Jingji needs a stable life. We don't want to make the privacy public because of the identity of a public figure, nor do we want to do any behavior that harms the personality and reputation of the artist and the family."

At the same time, a friend who claimed to have been in friendship with Yin Jingji for more than 20 years testified that her husband and daughter could not abandon her:

As far as I know, she spent Christmas with her daughter and grandson last Christmas. Her daughter lives next door and can even hear the sound of playing the violin.Earlier, Yin Jingji waved her hand happily when she heard her daughter play the violin. Her daughter also took the picture and sent it to her father Bai Jianyu. "

In 2019, in an interview with South Korean media, Bai Jianyu revealed that his wife had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for 10 years.

When filming "The Poetry", she had a symptom. Many lines were read to the prompt board. The disease prevented her from filming.

Later, her condition became more and more serious. Not only did her memory decline severely in daily life, she also mistaken her only daughter for her youngest sister and asked her suspiciously:"
Why do you call me mother? "

In 2019, the couple also looked for a suitable nursing home in South Korea, but the reputation was so great that it made it difficult to spend their old age in their hometown.

Fortunately, the daughter who was still in Paris reached out and found a suitable house for her mother near her home.

At that time, the doctor advised Yin Jingji to stay mentally relaxed and live in a quiet environment during her recuperation, so her daughter specially found a house with trees and lake views, and made photos of the Cannes Film Festival into an album.

Every time Bai Jianyu came to visit, he would bring a pot of flowers to his wife and put it on the balcony.

The daughter also invited a nurse who specializes in taking care of patients with Alzheimer's disease, and took turns taking care of her mother with herself.

At present, Yin Jingji’s brothers and sisters and her husband and daughter hold the same argument.

It is difficult to judge which is true and which is false...

This may really be a despised abandonment case,

Or maybe it's another bloody story made up by celebrity relatives to fight for property....

But anyway, I hope that all this will not interfere with Yin Jingji herself.

I hope this old lady with a glorious life can walk through the rest of her life safely...

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