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Dogecoin has fallen nearly 24% in the past 20 hours to 5.2 cents.


2月13日据Crypto globe消息,Reddit论坛用户发现,某神秘的IP地址持有超过360亿个狗狗币(25亿美元),控制着狗狗币流通总量的27%,排名前20位的地址合计占代币总供应量的50%。

Forum users found that the number of Dogecoins traded on the IP address with the largest holdings has always been an odd number, which seems to be transcribed into binary code.A user deciphered a set of numbers to be Musk’s birthday.

Some other users found that the time when the address was used for transactions coincided with the time when Musk uttered Dogecoin on Twitter.They speculate that if Musk is not behind this address, then he is also a faithful believer of Musk.





The early developers of Dogecoin have returned and plan to update the aging software.Ross Nicoll, the main maintainer of Dogecoin, said: "When Dogecoin takes off, its attention will rise again, and we hope to maintain the operation of this currency."

Dogecoin was created in 2013 and underwent its last major upgrade in June 2019. Now Nicoll and four other developers hope to launch another major version within a year to solve the scalability and security issues of Dogecoin .

Nicoll said: "We will always prioritize security issues. I won't say (development) will not slow down again, but we will always look for security issues there to ensure that the software stays up to date."

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