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创纪录低的借贷成本,刺激发钱和低存货水推高了较小城市和乡村地区的房价,全澳房价在1月了新高并还有上涨空间。 CoreLogic的房价指数上个月比12月上升了0.9%,。。。澳洲唐人街
                创纪录低的借贷成本,刺激发钱和低存货水推高了较小城市和乡村地区的房价,全澳房价在1月了新高并还有上涨空间。<br />


达尔文12月涨了2.3%,在首府城市中一马当先,珀斯和霍巴特都涨了1.6%,堪培拉1.25%,布里斯班和阿德各0.9%。 最克制的市场是悉尼 和墨尔本,在12月都只涨了0.4%。


CoreLogic Research Director Tim Lawless said that with the better-than-expected economic recovery this year, housing prices will continue to rise, with an average national increase of 7-10%.

The number of houses listed for sale is 28% less than a year ago, and the number of transactions is 24% higher than last year.

As more sellers take out their houses to sell, the problem of low inventory is expected to change.In addition, affordability will play an increasingly important role, especially this wave of demand is driven by first-time home buyers.

但是有些变化- 比如对乡村物业的需求 (发生于西澳之外每个州) – 会继续推高价格,而且两个人口最大州将直接受影响。

"In Sydney and Melbourne, this effect is amplified, and more people want to leave the metropolitan area and go to the countryside." Lawless said.


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