Australia-After 26-year-old Weng Meiling committed suicide, why did she wrap her body with 5 layers of tin foil?Many years later forensic doctors broke out surprising inside stories (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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Speaking of Weng Meiling, many people’s first impression is Qiao Huangrong. Among many "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", Weng Meiling's version is the most classic

Speaking of Weng Meiling, many people's first impression is Qiao Huangrong. Among many "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", Weng Meiling's version is the most classic.

Unfortunately, Weng Meiling passed away at a young age. Although her life was short, it was full of legends.

Weng Meiling, who was born in 1959, was loved by her father, but because she was an illegitimate daughter, she was never recognized by the Weng family.

When he was 7 years old, his father died unexpectedly, and Weng Meiling and his mother were also kicked out of the house. The mother and daughter depended on each other, and their lives were very embarrassing.

Since then, her mother remarried and moved to the UK. The relationship between Weng Meiling and her stepfather was also normal, and her childhood experience made Weng Meiling very independent.

After graduating from undergraduate, Weng Meiling became an assistant designer, and then by chance, under the introduction of a friend, Weng Meiling participated in the Hong Kong sister beauty pageant.

All of this also changed Weng Meiling's life trajectory. In the Hong Kong sister beauty pageant in 1982, Weng Meiling won the 8th place.

This also successfully made Weng Meiling step into the entertainment circle, and then signed a contract with Hong Kong Wireless, successfully becoming an actor.

She participated in "Thirteen Sisters" as soon as she debuted, which also made Weng Meiling emerge in the show business circle, and she was in love with Tang Zhenye for a time because of the drama.

It is said that Weng Meiling's acting career has developed very smoothly. In 1983, the broadcast of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" made Weng Meiling a hit.

The young Weng Meiling ushered in a bright moment in her career, and her appointments continued, but at this time there was a problem with the relationship between Tang Zhenye and Tang Zhenye.

The two people are often busy filming, which also reduces the communication between each other a lot, and Tang Zhenye frequently spread scandals.

As a result, the sensitive Weng Meiling often finds reasons to quarrel, but quarreling can't solve any problems, but it makes the relationship between the two more rigid.

The young and energetic two people were unwilling to bow their heads to each other, and even made extreme moves. Weng Meiling accepted the pursuit of the opposite sex to stimulate Tang Zhenye.

But instead of saying much, Tang Zhenye moved away from the place where the two lived together. Until Weng Meiling saw a picture of Tang Zhenye, Miao Qiaowei, Wu Junru and Qi Meizhen, Weng Meiling collapsed completely.

On May 1985, 5, Weng Meiling called Tang Zhenye, but she never got a response from Tang Zhenye.

If you don't return to me, you will never hear my voice.

In desperation, Weng Meiling called Zou Shilong and said that life was boring. It was not until the next morning that Zou Shilong found that Weng Meiling was dead on the sofa in red.

At the funeral of Weng Meiling, many friends in the circle came to express their condolences. Tang Zhenye even presented 11 roses. Even so, Tang Zhenye still endured many years of infamy.

There was one more detail about Weng Meiling's death that year. When the forensic doctor arrived, he wrapped Weng Meiling's body with five layers of tin foil and sealed it with fire paint, so that no one was allowed to see it.

This makes people have a lot of doubts about Weng Meiling's death, but there is still no conclusion.

It wasn't until many years later that forensic doctors exposed the surprising inside story:

During an autopsy that year, it was discovered that Weng Meiling had inconspicuous red spots on her body and scars on her forehead, which were caused by a metal sharp beating.

Very tiny pinholes were also found in the secret part of the arm, and the blood contained a lot of sedative drugs.

All of this makes people suspect that Weng Meiling did not commit suicide, but it seems that nothing can be verified.

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