Australia-40-year-old middle-aged couple, how many times a week it is better to have sex?Take a look at this formula for sex frequency (Photos) | Chinatown, Australia

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Ms. Zhao and her husband have been married for nearly 20 years. I don’t know when, she and her husband will no longer talk, and they will not speak more than 10 sentences a day.When the child is not there, two people always hold their mobile phones, and there will be no extra conversation.


It is normal for middle-aged couples to share the same room several times a week?

In fact, there is no uniform standard for the frequency of sex.Every couple has different ways of getting along with each other, living environment and their own conditions, so the frequency of sex is definitely different.


Of course, this calculation method can only be used as a reference. If you and your partner only have sex once a week, but both parties feel very satisfied, this is of course possible.

Why do middle-aged people lose their sex life?





How to solve the problem if middle-aged men are "incompetent"

Many men will encounter a "middle-aged crisis" in their sex life. They don't need to feel ashamed and should actively find ways to improve them.

1. Get rid of bad habits

Bad habits such as smoking, drinking and staying up late should be changed in time. These habits may cause dysfunction in men. In the early stage, you can gradually reduce the amount of smoking and drinking to give the body a process of adapting and quitting slowly.

2. Exercise appropriately

Exercise can accelerate the body's metabolism and can effectively improve the body's immunity.However, it should be noted that the movement must be carried out step by step, and do not rush for success, as this will only have counterproductive effects.

3. Regular physical examination

Regular physical examinations can allow men to discover abnormalities in the body in time. Many diseases can affect men’s normal reproductive function. Regular physical examinations can achieve early detection and early treatment.

It is a very common phenomenon for middle-aged couples to have sexless marriages. To change this situation, both spouses need to work together.

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