Australia – 5 dead and 1 seriously injured!A horrible car accident in Singapore early in the morning, a BMW burst into the arcade and caught fire (video/photos) | Australia Chinatown

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Today (February 2) at 13:5 in the morning, the Singapore Civil Defence Force received a call to the police that a terrorist incident occurred in Tanjong Pagar.

Today (February 2) at 13:5 in the morning, the Singapore Civil Defence Force received a call to the police that a terrorist and fatal car accident occurred in Tanjong Pagar.A BMW sports car suddenly rushed into the shophouse arcade at No. 40 Tanjong Pagar Road, and a fire broke out in front of the shophouse.


Mr. Song, who lives nearby, said that he heard a group of people downstairs talking very loudly at around 5:30 this morning. His first reaction was that the group drank too much.Then he heard someone stepping on the accelerator engine and suspecting a car racing. When he was hesitant to call the police and complain about nuisance to the people, there was a loud crash.


A video was uploaded online, but I don’t know if it is related to this matter.The video shows a white sports car running at high speed on the road where the accident occurred.

Netizens left a message on Facebook saying that early in the morning, the car roared the engine three times in Tanjong Pagar.The residents who were awakened were angry and took pictures.Soon after, the car rushed into the arcade and caught fire.


We don't know if this white car is the one that caused the accident, but this video at least proves one thing: Someone has done extremely dangerous drag racing on this section of the road.Moreover, since someone took a video on the side of the road, it proved that this was an organized event with onlookers.This white car is likely to be racing around in circles, and the onlookers have the opportunity to take the video. Otherwise, at its speed, you can't even raise your phone to shoot. How can you get it?

A sharp-eyed netizen pointed out that the girl in gray clothes and white trousers squatting on the side of the road in the video of the white car racing may also appear in another photo, which means that there are not only onlookers but also onlookers. Meet the drag racing people.


Photos of suspected vehicles were uploaded online


The girl in the drag racing video.

Mr. Song said that when he heard the impact and rushed to the scene, he saw a man kneeling on the side of the road and crying hysterically. He asked the police officer for help, saying that his friend was in a burning car.Another public said that they saw a wounded woman escape from the burning BMW and sit in the opposite shophouse.According to The Straits Times, a 22-year-old friend of the five deceased, Akira Chan, said that they had a very prosperous Korean restaurant nearby.

He said, “They were in the restaurant and got in the car to go home, and then the car skidded.” He said, “The fiancée of one of the passengers was burned when she tried to open the door to save someone.” The Straits Times reported that 80% of the woman's body was burned and she is currently being rescued in the burn department of the Central Hospital.


After the accident, two fire trucks rushed to the scene immediately, began to rescue the wounded, and extinguished the fire with water hose and compressed air foam.


The shop that was hit is believed to be a coffee shop named Five Oars Coffee Roasters.


After the firefighters arrived, the fire was still fierce and smoke billowing.


Although firefighters tried their best to rescue them, it is a pity that five people in the BMW white sports car died on the spot, and one person was burned. They are being rescued at Singapore General Hospital.According to the "Lianhe Zaobao" report, the driver in the accident was a 29-year-old man, and all five of the dead were men, ranging in age from 26 to 29.The 26-year-old woman who was severely burned while trying to save someone was believed to know the driver.

Then the police arrived at the scene and pulled the cordon 250 meters away.The atmosphere at the scene was solemn, and more than a dozen police officers began to investigate the cause of the accident.



It is speculated that the possible cause of the vehicle fire: at high speeds, when the sports car collides with high-strength objects such as concrete structures, the body structure is damaged, and the fuel tank ruptures and deforms, causing a large amount of gasoline to leak to the high-temperature exhaust pipe and muffler, producing a large amount of gasoline Steam, contact with sparks generated by impact or sparks ejected from a broken exhaust pipe, or electrical wires and electrical appliances in the engine compartment are damaged by collision, causing a short circuit to produce sparks, igniting gasoline vapor and catching fire.

The accident vehicle was a two-door sports car.If the car is full, you can imagine the situation at that time.

The possible reasons why the personnel failed to escape:

XNUMX. Has been unconscious or died after the collision;

XNUMX. He remained awake after the collision, but was incapacitated by serious injuries;

XNUMX. After the collision, he was still awake, slightly injured or uninjured, and still able to move, but was trapped due to the deformation of the car body or other external reasons and was unable to escape.

There have also been car accidents in Singapore where the driver died after a car crash. At around 2015:12 in the morning on December 5, 43, a Mercedes-Benz sedan lost control and hit a tree and caught fire on Queenstown Road. The XNUMX-year-old driver was trapped.

Several workers at a nearby construction site heard the loud crash of the car and hurried to rescue them.One of them reached into the broken car window and tried to open the door from the inside, but failed; the flames had spread to the driver's legs and head, but he was still unconscious.

The fire grew rapidly, and rescue workers were forced to step aside.When the firetruck of the Civil Defense Force arrived at the scene, the vehicle had been completely engulfed by the fire.The firefighters put out the fire within a few minutes, but the driver died. At 2020 on March 3, 31, a ComfortDelGro taxi was found to have caught fire on the section of Seledar West.After the firetruck of the Civil Defence Force arrived at the scene, two fire hoses were used to extinguish the fire.

The 58-year-old taxi driver died.This morning (February 2), according to the "Straits Times" report, the family of the deceased arrived at the scene, believed to be to identify the remains.Two black police cars took the body to the autopsy room of the Central Hospital.

The first black car carried one body and arrived at the autopsy room at 1111 o'clock, and the second carried four bodies and arrived at 1126 o'clock.A video was later posted on the Internet. After more than 9 hours of investigation, the police used a tow truck to tow the accident vehicle away at about 2:10 pm.

The chassis of the vehicle is relatively complete, and the parts above the chassis are basically only the skeleton, especially the roof has collapsed, whether it was destroyed by a fire or cut the roof when the body was moved.At around 7:80 this morning, some sections of Tanjong Pagar Road were blocked, and buses 145 and XNUMX were temporarily diverted.


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