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位于悉尼北岸的一家寿司店被罚款880澳元,原因是一名顾客在吃了店里的寿司后患上食源性疾病。 去年12月17日, Willoughby地方议会向位于Chatswood Chase的Sush。。。澳洲唐人街
                位于悉尼北岸的一家寿司店被罚款880澳元,原因是一名顾客在吃了店里的寿司后患上食源性疾病。 <br />

去年12月17日, Willoughby地方议会向位于Chatswood Chase的Sushi Tamon发出违规通知,此前的一次检查发现,这家餐厅没有在正确的温度控制下陈列食物。

一名顾客据称在12月14日吃了从寿司店购买的食物后患上食源性疾病,之后地方议会对Sushi Tamon展开调查。





地方议会还表示,作为对此次处罚的回应,Sushi Tamon已实施了另一种新的颜色编码系统,该系统将食物准备时间也纳入考量,以确保售出食品完全合规。




《北岸时报》与Sushi Tamon联系,但该店的一位经理拒绝对此事件发表评论。

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A north shore sushi outlet has been fined $880 after a customer allegedly suffered a food-borne illness after eating there.

Sushi Tamon at Chatswood Chase was issued the infringement notice by Willoughby Council on December 17 last year after an inspection found the restaurant failed to display potentially hazardous food under correct temperature controls.

The inspection was prompted after a customer allegedly suffering a food-borne illness after eating food purchased from the store on December 14.

During the inspection, the council said food display cabinets were not kept under effective temperature controls, with affected food including sushi rolls that were on display to customers.

“The food business claimed to use an alternative method of compliance for temperature control of potentially hazardous food (which) involved not displaying food for more than four hours,” a council spokeswoman said.

“A colour coding system with time monitoring was utilised by the business but was found by council to not be adequately complied with (during the inspection).

“Sushi rolls marked with blue tape indicating a discard time of 2pm was observed by council to be available for sale (at the time of the inspection) at 2:23pm”.

In response to the fine, the council said Sushi Tamon has implemented a new colour coding system that factors in food preparation time to ensure compliance.

The restaurant has also told the council staff have been trained in a new food safety system and are aware of disposal requirements.

The fine is the latest issued to a food venue in the local government area as part of the council’s ongoing compliance program to ensure local businesses are safe and attractive for residents and visitors.

“In this regard, council has consistently maintained a strong commitment to protecting the health and safety of consumers of food purchased at registered food businesses in the busy Chatswood CBD and other suburban locations,” a council spokeswoman said.

“Council uses a combination of education and enforcement to encourage compliance with the minimum standards prescribed by the Food Standards Code.”

The North Shore Times contacted Sushi Tamon but a manager at the store declined to comment on the fine.

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