Australia-CNN: The WHO investigation team found that the scale of the epidemic in Wuhan in 2019 may be more serious (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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图为世界卫生组织疫情溯源调查团人员在中国实地考察期间,曾穿着防护衣进入湖北省动物疫病预防控制中心。 (美联社)

世卫组织武汉调查团首席调查员恩巴瑞克(Peter Ben Embarek)接受有线电视新闻网访问时说,调查团已经发现诸多迹象,显示2019年的疫情扩散其实比外界知道的规模更大,调查人员经过比对之后得知,2019年12月间的武汉疫情期间,其实便有十余种不同的病毒株。

图为世界卫生组织疫情溯源调查团人员曾至武汉华南海鲜市场进行实地考察。 (美联社)

世界卫生组织疫情溯源调查团人员在中国完成实地考察后,10日搭机离开武汉。 (美联社...


Topic: Wuhan outbreak of new coronary pneumonia enters the topic >>

Taiwan's latest poll: More than 8% of the people who are affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic consider themselves "Taiwanese"! "Chinese Identity" fell to a 30-year low (Photos)

BBC: After Wuhan opened to collect the ashes of deceased patients, the death toll is controversial (Photos)

Continuous update: China has confirmed 80924 new coronavirus pneumonia and 3140 deaths

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Australia-WHO experts investigate the source of the epidemic: There were 2019 strains of virus in Wuhan in December 12 (pictured) | Chinatown, Australia

2021-2-17 14: 27: 33

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2021-2-17 14: 33: 23

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