Australia – Coles launches "click-and-pick" service within 90 minutes nationwide – Australian News – Chinatown – Australia

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Coles在全国范围内推出90分钟内“点击-取货”服务。 Coles已经公布了它最新的秘密武器:一个90分钟内的“点击-取货”服务,承诺让顾客在下单一个半小时内取到他。。。澳洲唐人街
                Coles在全国范围内推出90分钟内“点击-取货”服务。<br />



More importantly, customers will be able to choose from a wide range of products, instead of the usual delivery limited products, including the ubiquitous roast chicken.

The regulations are as follows: Customers must order at least 30 yuan worth of goods, and each order contains a maximum of 40 items. The pick-up time is between 2:30 and 5 pm, and 5 yuan will be charged for sorting, packaging and preparation cost.

From 1 pm, you can see the window time for pick-up on Coles' website.

James Geddes, head of Coles’ online web development and customer delivery, said he expects the service to be very popular among busy customers who don’t have time to walk around the aisle. … 2-8212-39cd477f06cd

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