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CommSec投资新手数量大幅上升  风险意识有待加强澳洲联邦银行公布

CommSec投资新手数量大幅上升  风险意识有待加强




The Commonwealth Bank said that the number of investors seeking investment information and knowledge has soared, but most investors seem to lack risk awareness and long-term investment ideas.In response to this problem, the Commonwealth Bank provides short and succinct free video and text modules to help investors.

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澳洲股市周五早盘回落  科技和电信板块逆势上扬


表现较好的股票为科技股和电信股,其中澳洲电信攀升1%至3.28澳元。“先买后付”服务公司Afterpay 和Zip双双上扬。物流软件公司Wisetech和招聘服务公司Seek走势良好。

Mineral Resources, a producer of iron ore and lithium ore, still saw a 2.2% drop despite its half-year profit hitting a record high.Energy producer Oil Search shares fell 2.4%, while shopping mall operator Scentre Group plunged 2.9%.

The Australian index fell back in early trading on Thursday, Anbao Group plunged nearly 10%

In early Thursday trading, the Australian stock market saw a fall.As of press time, the ASX200 index fell 19.4 points to 6837.5 points, a decrease of 0.3%.

The financial sector has a greater drag on the broader market.In this sector, Commonwealth Bank fell 1% to A$85.25, Macquarie Group fell 1.5% to A$145.20, and National Bank saw a 0.8% drop, and the transaction price was A$24.78.

As the potential acquirer, Ares Management of the United States, withdrew the bid, the security group's share price plummeted 9.7% to 1.39 Australian dollars.

The resources sector performed well, among which BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto saw gains of 1.1% and 1.6% respectively, with transaction prices of A$45.55 and A$119.35 respectively.

Crown Sydney flagship store challenges other states or takes further regulatory action


Recently, NSW issued an investigation report that it is deemed "inappropriate" for the entertainment and gaming group Crown Resorts to operate its flagship store in Sydney.Analysts believe that the report may trigger other states to strengthen the supervision of Crown.

Fitch Ratings analyst Kelly Amato said that after NSW launched an investigation into Crown last year, Victoria also launched an investigation and asked the company for an explanation.The Western Australian government previously stated that it would wait for the release of the report.Judging from the current situation, Western Australia will also implement a stricter review of the company.

In addition, in November last year, Fitch Ratings released a report saying that it is possible to further reduce the rating of Crown.

January 2th, ASX listed company news announcement

Medical diagnostic company BD1 diagnostic technology made a major breakthrough, stock price rose more than 100%

医疗诊断公司BARD1 Life Sciences Ltd (ASX: BD1)11日发布公告称,称其SubB2M技术能够检测所有阶段的卵巢癌。SubB2M是一种结合到Neu5Gc糖分子上的蛋白质,这种蛋白质存在于各种癌症中,阿德莱德大学(University of Adelaide)和格里菲斯大学(Griffith University)的研究人员已经证明了其在癌症患者血液中检测Neu5Gc的能力。

Dr. Lucy Shewell of Griffith University concluded that the use of SubB2M to detect neu5gc-glycans may be used as a diagnostic marker for the detection of early ovarian cancer, and it may also be a useful tool for monitoring the progression of advanced cancer.

BARD1 has an exclusive global license to use SubB2M technology.

The company’s CEO Dr. Leearne Hinch said: “We focus on early detection of cancer. SubB2M technology provides the potential for the development of monitoring and detection tests for a variety of cancers. We will continue to cooperate with Griffith University to develop and validate Commercial testing methods for monitoring the treatment response and recurrence of ovarian cancer patients to improve the health outcomes of this critical unmet medical need."


Telstra plans to convert all branded retail stores to wholly-owned listed retailer Vita Group suffers a huge blow

上市零售商Vita Group Limited (ASX: VTG)11日发布公告称,由于Telstra今天上午宣布计划将其在澳大利亚各地的所有品牌零售店转为全资拥有,这对Vita Group是个巨大的打击,2020财年,其信息和通信技术(ICT)部门的收入达到7.52亿澳元的收入,这占到了公司总收入的97.3%,而其中大部分来自Telstra品牌的零售店。

Vita expects that its current dealership agreement with Telstra will end on June 2025, 6. Vita currently operates a total of 30 Telstra retail stores.


BPH Energy's natural gas project was opposed by NSW Deputy Prime Minister, share price fell sharply

Yesterday, New South Wales Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro said that he did not support the natural gas project PEP 11 owned by BPH Energy Ltd (ASX: BPH), a diversified company for medical technology and oil and gas extraction, and John Barilaro said he refused to apply for further extension of PEP 11. .

PEP 11 covers an area of ​​4576 square kilometers and is one of Australia’s most important untested natural gas producing areas. BPH Energy reached out to PEP 33 by owning a 11% stake in Advent Energy. BPH Energy just raised 900 million Australian dollars to advance the project. project.

BPH Energy responded today that yesterday’s report came from New South Wales Deputy Prime Minister and Regional Minister of Industry and Trade, Member of Parliament John Barilaro, but did not receive any communication from the National Offshore Oil Ownership Administration (NOPTA) regarding its current application. BPH Energy and its joint venture partners have sought clarification from NOPTA.


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