Australia – Kmart has another magical weapon!This smart water cup is popular all over Australia!Only sell for $12!Everyone, don’t hurry to buy it! -Australia Chinatown

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


Kmart's new water cup has been loved by thousands of consumers as soon as it was launched.

It is said that in some stores, this water cup has been swept away long ago...

Insulation, temperature control, and beautiful!




Some water cups with similar designs are sold at a high price of 60 Australian dollars in the market, leaving many people beyond the reach.

And this water cup is not only beautiful and practical,

And the price is only one-fifth of some big names!

The whole cup wall is covered by matte black, which looks very technological.

There is a digital temperature indicator on the top of the cup lid, you only need to touch it with your finger,

You can know the temperature of the water in the cup.

This water cup has a capacity of 500 ml and contains a stainless steel filter for making tea or coffee.


The wall of the cup is not thin, with a double-layer design, even if it is hot water inside, it will not burn your hands.

It is reported that the heat preservation ability of this cup is also very good.

The hot water in the cup can be kept at a minimum of 42℃,

It also meets the "drink more hot water" setting.

Facebook blogger Foodie Mumma Ren shared her love of the product,

she says:


It should be noted that according to the product description,

This cup cannot be heated in a microwave, otherwise it will be damaged.



So when Kmart's cup was put on the shelves, it was basically robbed...

But it's okay!Friends can log on to Kmart's official website to buy, there are still many stocks online!

You guys read it first, I won’t write anymore, I’m going to snap it up!


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Editor: Wei Wei

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