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The uncontrolled wildfire continues to burn near Perth Hill. The flames have engulfed at least three houses and threatened more. For some locals, it is too late to evacuate.The fire was raging near the small town of Wooroloo. . .Australia Chinatown
                失控的山火在Perth Hill附近继续燃烧,烈焰已经吞噬了至少三处房屋,并对更多房屋产生威胁,对一些当地人来说现在撤离为时已晚。 <br />

The fire was blazing near the small town of Wooroloo, and a firefighter was slightly injured in the fire.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services of Western Australia (DFES) issued an emergency warning for the fire earlier on Tuesday, expanding the scope of the fire warning.

DFES told the residents of Brigadoon that they could evacuate westward if the road was clear, while others on the nearby O'Brien Road were told that it was too late to evacuate.

The warning states: "Please find a place of refuge before the fire arrives, because the extreme heat will kill you before the fire arrives."

The warning also said that bushfires are unpredictable and weather conditions are changing rapidly, urging people to stay vigilant at all times.

According to reports, the fire destroyed many houses on Monday night.

Murray McBride, the head of DFES, told ABC News that three houses were confirmed to have been burned, and a fire engine was also burned in the fire.

Authorities have established an evacuation center in the Brown Park Entertainment Center on Amherst Road in Swan View District.

Wooroloo is located in the Perth metropolitan area. Due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus community, the area will be locked down for 5 days.

DFES said anyone forced to leave their homes should wear a mask and continue to follow COVID-XNUMX precautions, including maintaining proper social distancing.

Firefighters are fighting the fire with air support, and many roads have been closed.

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