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而司机发表种族主义、性别歧视和威胁性的言论也将成为“出行报告工具”(On-Trip Reporting Tool)的目标,被发现违规的司机将承担严重后果。


Uber的澳洲和新西兰地区总经理泰勒(Dom Taylor)表示,新工具旨在解决Uber司机存在的不良行为,此前有乘客遭受了这些行为,但却从未向Uber报告。

"We understand that sometimes passengers do not report what happened to us because their minds have shifted to other things." Taylor said, "When I was still in the car, I would not wear a mask to the driver or suddenly I was very dissatisfied with the sharp turn, but when I got out of the car and was about to go to eat, I was already thinking about what to eat (rather than reporting the driver). So there are many underreporting situations."

Uber去年2月推出的RideCheck专门用于处理包括车祸在内的紧急情况,而On-Trip Reporting则允许乘客报告不需要警方干预的非紧急安全问题。

Passengers can report the driver in the car through the "Safety Toolkit" of the Uber app.

"Reporting matters can be things like braking too hard or driving too fast." Taylor said, "it could also be a hygiene problem, such as an odor in the car, or the driver did not wear a mask when necessary, but if it is very serious For safety issues, please be sure to contact our emergency service personnel."

Taylor said passenger feedback will be communicated anonymously to drivers to help them improve their services, but he added that Uber will set a limit on the number of "complaints" that will be suspended once drivers reach this limit, and Will be interviewed face to face by Uber.

An Uber spokeswoman said that “inappropriate or discriminatory” comments made by drivers will be dealt with more severely and may result in the suspension of drivers’ accounts.


The Uber app will now send notifications to passengers asking them to check their license plates and provide shortcuts for emergency services. Passengers can also share their location with friends.


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