Australia-WSB Forum "New Slogan": Launching the Largest Silver Shortage in History | Australia Chinatown

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Introduction: "Even if you don’t care about earnings, imagine that a major firm like JPMorgan Chase might close down due to short-term shorts. This is exciting enough



A retail investor with the user name "jjalj30" in the post called on retail investors to focus on silver in the next round of squeeze.

"Jjalj30" said that the silver market is currently one of the most manipulated markets in the world.Dozens of banks manipulated the prices of gold and silver to cover up actual inflation.Whether in the industrial field or in the currency field, the current release of water by global central banks should push up the price of silver.The inflation-adjusted silver price should be $1000 per ounce instead of the current $25 per ounce.

"Jjalj30" believes that retail investors can continue to buy silver ETF (SLV) to short-sell and push up the price of silver.Even if retail investors don't care about earnings, it is exciting to think that a big bank like JPMorgan Chase (previously paying huge fines for silver price operations) may go bankrupt due to short-selling.



Retail investors with the username "TheHappyHawaiian" also expressed similar views, calling on WallStreetBets retail investors to "launch the largest silver short in history."

"TheHappyHawaiian" said that the manipulation of silver prices through naked short sales in the market is mainly based on several Wall Street firms represented by JPMorgan Chase.At present, the average ratio of silver to physical silver traded on the silver futures market is 250:1, which means that most transactions are settled by cash rather than physical delivery.

As long as retail investors can force more futures contracts for physical delivery, they can squeeze short silver positions.














但BullionVault研究部主管Adrian Ash表示,当大量资金突然涌入某些衍生性金融商品,确实会导致价格骤升。



历史上,Hunt Brothers通过囤积实物白银推高价格的做法最终也以失败而告终:他们花了近10年建立库存,1980年将银价一路推升至每突破50美元,之后却因为COMEX采取历史性干预行动,银价暴跌,最终破产。

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