Australian Prime Minister: Wellcamp quarantine plan in Queensland is incomplete in detail and cannot be assessed –

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总理莫里森针对昆州欲在Toowoomba Wellcamp建立检疫设施的提议表达了意见,他称该计划缺乏得以让联邦政府进行评估的“必要细节”。昆州州长Annas...

总理莫里森针对昆州欲在Toowoomba Wellcamp建立检疫设施的提议表达了意见,他称该计划缺乏得以让联邦政府进行评估的“必要细节”。昆州州长Annastacia Palaszczuk表示愿意提供详尽细节,但仍希望联邦政府负起责任,让计划付诸于行。
Toowoomba Post OfficePrime Minister Morrison expressed his views on Queensland’s proposal to establish a quarantine facility in Toowoomba, saying that the plan lacked "necessary details" to allow the federal government to evaluate it.The picture shows the Toowoomba Post Office. (Image source: Laserforce/wikimedia CC BY 3.0)
According to the Courier Post, Queensland Governor Annastacia Palaszczuk submitted the bill last week.However, Prime Minister Morrison said that the details of the bill are incomplete and are not sufficient for the federal government to further evaluate its practicality.According to people familiar with the matter, Prime Minister Morrison wrote in response to the proposal: "I find that your proposal for Wellcamp does not provide details that need to be evaluated."

At the same time, Toowoomba Mayor Paul Antonio also said that the state government has not negotiated the plan, nor has it provided how to deal with the outbreak.

Antonio said: "This is terrible. We don't know much about this knowledge. (If there is an outbreak) should our hospital be closed? Should our community be closed? This community has the right to know the actual situation."

Assemblyman Garth Hamilton said that not only the disadvantaged residents are worried, but even companies, medical systems and other groups are also worried.He said that people are asking whether ICU capacity, isolation rooms and facilities for rapid testing are sufficient when the epidemic breaks out.

In this regard, the Governor’s Office argued that Palaszczuk will provide more detailed details, but the state government believes that the federal government is responsible for the successful implementation of the plan. A spokesperson for Palaszczuk said: "The plan is a good idea, but it requires the cooperation of the federal government and all levels of government to put it into practice. We must study better arrangements for everyone."

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