The surprising result of how much Australians spend to keep a car comes out –

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Car-sharing site Car Next Door recently launched a car-owning cost calculator, which calculates the staggering cost that Australians spend on car-owning.According to News Australia, 27-year-old Nick Jungfer and 26-year-old partner...

汽车共享网站Car Next Door最近推出养车费用计算器,算出澳洲人花在养车上的惊人成本。

据澳洲新闻网报导,27岁的Nick Jungfer和26岁的伴侣Maddie Rhodes从阿德莱德搬到悉尼后,生活成本急剧上升,他们知道需要找到一种省钱方式。

The couple realized that they didn't need to keep two cars in Sydney. They could travel by bus, bike and walk.

"When we moved to Sydney, we paid almost twice the rent before, so we need to find a way to save money. Selling the car is reasonable, and we can't afford it anyway." Nick said.

After selling the two cars, Nick and Maddie had enough cash in their pockets to buy a new laptop, pay for a trip to Europe (unfortunately cancelled due to COVID), and saved the purchase deposit.

经过一番计算,他们意识到自己4年期间在车上花了7万多澳元。“在车子上流失这么多钱,把车卖掉是我们做出的最佳决定。 ”Nick说。

Car Next Door的养车费用计算器跟踪人们的养车开支,包括车辆注册费、保养维修费、保险、停车和折旧,然后比较一下这笔钱花在其它用途上能买多少东西。Nick 和 Maddie发现他们每年仅停车就花费3100元。

The couple bought the two cars for 21,000 yuan, and they drive 27,000 kilometers a year.To add up, the annual maintenance fee is 2500 yuan, insurance and registration are each 1400 yuan, the tire fee is 1200 yuan per year, and the parking fee is as high as 3100 yuan per year.

According to Car Next Door's calculator, the 70,679 they save can be used to buy a cup of white coffee every day for the next 48 years, or pay for two law degrees.This money is also enough to cover professional child care fees for the past three years, or 215 round-trip flights between Sydney and Byron Bay.

Car Next Door首席执行官兼创始人Will Davies表示,澳洲人花在汽车上的支出比想像要多得多,可许多澳洲人并没有意识到这一点。“这些费用很快就会变成巨大的财务负担。”“最终我们成为了车辆的奴隶。” Davies说。

Car Next Door reported that during the epidemic, as Australians were looking for ways to save money, the number of customers on shared car platforms increased by 245%.Currently, more than 12,000 people join the platform every month.

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