Australian former Olympic silver medalist Scott Miller arrested for drug dealing

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曾赢得奥运游泳银牌的澳洲奥运选手Scott Miller于周二(16日)在警方的一次扫毒行动中被逮捕。警方在这次的行动中搜获了价值两百万澳元的冰毒,并指控他指挥...

澳洲奥运选手Scott Miller
曾赢得奥运游泳银牌的澳洲奥运选手Scott Miller于周二(16日)在警方的一次扫毒行动中被逮捕。警方在这次的行动中搜获了价值两百万澳元的冰毒,并指控他指挥犯罪集团供应毒品。(图片来源:
Mike Powell /Getty Images)

                                    曾赢得奥运游泳银牌的澳洲奥运选手Scott Miller于周二(16日)在警方的一次扫毒行动中被逮捕。警方在这次的行动中搜获了价值两百万澳元的冰毒,并指控他指挥犯罪集团供应毒品。

据每日邮报报道,Miller曾代表澳洲参加1996年奥运会蝶泳项目并赢得银牌。周二早上六点,警方到Rozelle的一住处搜索,45岁的他与一名47岁男子Wayne Allan Johnson遭到逮捕。在这项行动中,警方查获了一公斤价值25万澳元的海洛因、藏在蜡烛里的价值2百万澳元冰毒、一叠总值7.5万澳元的60澳元与100澳元纸币。另外,还有一些手机与一辆白色丰田Camry汽车。
The police took him to the Newton Police Station for investigation and filed a lawsuit against him.It is reported that Miller did not appear at the District Court in Newton, and his lawyer did not apply for bail.But Johnson appeared in the dock.
Anti-narcotics commander John Watson said Miller was shocked by the police assault. Miller admitted in an interview with a TV show in 2014 that he was fighting drug addiction.

Miller在1999年与电视艺员兼模特儿Charlotte Dawson结婚,Dawson于2014年自杀身亡,死前曾在推特受到网络欺凌。

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