The lowest interest rate in Australia's history remains unchanged!The Reserve Bank of Australia announced the purchase of 1000 billion Australian dollars of government bonds!President of the Reserve Bank of Australia: Soaring house prices will help the economy recover! | Australia Chinatown | A Guide to News Life in Australia

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In other words, many industries have been affected by the epidemic. Among them, the catering and tourism industries may have suffered the most. Even many time-honored restaurants have closed their doors.However, soaring housing prices across Australia have become a great weapon for economic recovery.According to the "Sydney Morning Herald", the Reserve Bank of Australia



据《悉尼晨锋报》报道,澳联储杭州Philip Lowe表示:“如果房价下跌,澳洲经济就更难以走出疫情带来的负面阴霾。”换句话说,Lowe的这句言论似乎正意味着,房价上涨的话,有利于经济复苏!Lowe在澳洲经济常务委员会的听证会上称:“‘很多变动因素’导致澳洲经济前景变得较为复杂。”

RBA Hangzhou Philip Lowe Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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