The lowest mortgage interest rate in the Australian market drops to 1.69%

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Mortgage interest rate

                                    澳洲房屋贷款市场出现有记录以来的最低房贷利率,显示贷款银行正在展开激烈竞争以吸引新客户 。

据信使邮报报导,Greater Bank已将其一年期房贷固定利率降至1.69%,这也是澳洲市场上目前最低的自住者房贷利率。但该利率要本息同还,仅适用于新州、昆州和堪培拉的客户。
Sally Tindall, Director of Research at RateCity, said that the 1.69% interest rate seemed very cost-effective, but it turned into a floating interest rate after the fixed period ended. The interest rate immediately more than doubled to 3.66%.
Ms. Tindall said: "This is the lowest housing loan interest rate we have ever seen, but please keep in mind that this interest rate period is only one year."
"After the fixed period, the loan is converted to a floating interest rate, and the interest rate rises to more than twice. However, if borrowers re-examine their loans after the first year and fix the interest rate, refinance or renegotiate, they may still get Better returns."

Effie Zaho, a wealth management expert at Canster, said that small banks are offering far lower interest rates than the Big Four, trying to win more customers in the crowded and competitive loan market. 
"Today's move by Greater Bank proves that there is still a lot of competition in the housing loan sector. If you want to take advantage of these low interest rates, it is reasonable to lock in some or all of your housing loans.

“如果您要将低利率锁定一年,那么了解该贷款机构提供的其他利率产品非常重要,因为这是固定期限结束后您所要面对的,除非您愿意再次转换银行。 ”

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