Australia spends nearly 9 million Australian dollars to conduct the largest psychological research in history

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图为示意图。(图片来源:Adobe Stock)分享澳洲联邦政府斥资8950万澳元,开展一项大型生理和心理健康研究,内容包括总体健康、饮食、体育活动和生物医学健...

图为示意图。(图片来源:Adobe Stock)


澳洲国家精神健康委员会(NMHC)会长Christine Morgan表示,在过去的12个月里,澳洲人比任何时间都更关注其心理健康和福祉的重要性,现在谈论心理健康已成为常态,而以前是一件需要遮掩的事情。
联邦卫生部长Greg Hunt说,这项研究将有助于政府更好地了解澳洲人如何管理他们的心理健康,以及他们是如何获得支持的,对现在和将来规划,以及如何提供更好的当地服务方面发挥关键作用。“心理健康和预防自杀一直是联邦政府的‘重中之重’。”他说。

This research will focus on self-harm, eating disorders, services used by people at risk of suicide, and biological and environmental factors that affect people's mental health.
Morgan pointed out that the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has also brought people a "ray of hope", that is, Australians are beginning to realize that their mental health, like their physical health, is an integral part of themselves, so they talk about mental health. When I have a problem, I take it for granted and I no longer feel restrained.
In November 2020, a report issued by the Australian Productivity Commission showed that mental illness and suicide cost Australia 11 billion Australian dollars a year.At the time, Prime Minister Morrison said that to solve these problems, Australia's mental health system needs to be completely changed.

如果你或你认识的人需要帮助,请致电生命热线(Lifeline)电话131114、 儿童帮助热线 (Kids Helpline)1800 55 1800,或战胜忧郁(Beyond Blue’s)疫情心理健康帮助热线电话1800 512 348。

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