McDonald's Australia launches surprise benefits and free coffee for one year

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In the coming year, McDonald's Australia will provide free coffee prepared by baristas every day.But this must meet certain conditions. Customers need to register for the McDonald’s app Mymacca from February 2 (Wednesday) to March 10 (Tuesday) and purchase McCafé coffee in it to have a chance to participate in the lucky draw.
According to the Daily Mail report, Simon Cook, the head of McCafé, said, “Coffee is not just a drink for Australians, but a part of our culture, which has been integrated into our daily lives. Whether it’s chatting with friends, Even on the way to work, we always have a cup of coffee. We all know how much Australians love coffee and the intoxication that coffee brings."
Cook also said, “If you want to enjoy free coffee every day for a year, please visit your local McCafé restaurant and order a cup of coffee through the mymacca app, then you have a chance to win free coffee throughout the year.”
In 2020, McCafé sold 2.2 million cups of coffee and hot drinks across Australia, which fully proves how much Australians love coffee.If you want to know more about participating in the lucky draw, please click here to visit the official website. 


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