Uber Australia launches new feature, passengers can report drivers speeding without wearing a mask

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Taxi (picture source: Piqsels) shared that Uber Australia launched a new safety feature today (9th). Passengers can report that the driver is speeding, brakes too hard, does not wear a mask or does not clean the car in place.If the driver says...

Taxi (Image source: Piqsels)


According to the Daily Telegraph, Uber Australia today launched a new feature called the "On-Trip Reporting Tool" (On-Trip Reporting Tool). This feature can ensure that passengers can report on certain behaviors during the ride.
Uber launched and used this feature in the United States a year ago, and now it has expanded to Australia.Previously, Uber was promoting its emergency alert tool RideCheck.
Uber's Australia and New Zealand regional general manager, Dom Taylor, pointed out that this feature is designed to effectively deal with possible misconduct by Uber drivers. Passengers have suffered misconduct before, but they have never had the opportunity to report to Uber.
Taylor said, we know that passengers sometimes fail to express their dissatisfaction because their minds have been transferred to other places; for example, myself, when I sit in the car, I will not wear a mask to the driver or Suddenly, I was dissatisfied with behaviors such as sharp turns and braking, but when I got out of the car, I would go to eat and wait. Actually, I was already thinking about what I would eat instead of reporting the driver...Therefore, there are many loopholes.

In February last year, Uber launched RideCheck specifically to deal with emergency situations including car accidents, and On-Trip Reporting allows passengers to report non-emergency safety incidents/problems that do not require police involvement.
Passengers can use the "Safety Toolkit" of the Uber app to report their dissatisfaction or areas that need improvement from the driver.
Taylor said that the content of this report can be braking problems or too fast speeds during driving, or hygiene problems in the car, such as peculiar smells in the car and the driver's failure to wear a mask when necessary... But if it is very serious If there is a safety issue, please contact emergency service personnel quickly.
Taylor also pointed out that passenger feedback will be sent to drivers in an anonymous form, which can help drivers improve their business service levels, but Uber will set a so-called upper limit for the number of complaints, once drivers reach this number, they will face Suspension, Uber will also ask for a face-to-face conversation.
At the same time, a Uber spokeswoman explained that if the driver made remarks about racial discrimination, he would be subject to stricter penalties, and the driver’s account may be suspended.

Uber has been strengthening its awareness of safety precautions for the past two years, because a series of passenger attacks have occurred before, and a 21-year-old student in the United States was killed in the wrong car.Now Uber's software can send notifications to passengers so that they can check their license plates. It also provides emergency services so that passengers can share their location information with friends.

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