The Reserve Bank of Australia increases the auction clearance rate of nearly 9% of the Australian housing market

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澳联储暗示目前的低利率至少到2024年,给房市拍卖加了一把火。(Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)分享澳联储暗示房贷利率将长期保...

House auction
澳联储暗示目前的低利率至少到2024年,给房市拍卖加了一把火。(Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)


According to the Australian Financial Review, preliminary data from the real estate analysis agency CoreLogic showed that in the week ending February 2, there were 6 auctions scheduled in Australian cities. According to preliminary statistics, the average clearance rate of the six capital cities was 1287. %. 
CoreLogic said, "Such a strong auction result shows that under the extremely tight housing supply, buyer demand is higher than average, and housing prices will be under further upward pressure."

悉尼北部郊区Lane Cove North的一套四居室家庭住宅在2月6日的拍卖中以269万澳元的价格售出,高出底价19万澳元,共有26名注册竞标者,其中有7人实际出价。
Simon Harrison, head of Belle Property Lane Cove, said: “There are 26 registered bidders in the auction, which is obviously unreasonable.”
Harrison said that during this sales promotion, as many as 261 groups (many of which are young families wishing to upgrade their small houses on the North Shore and Upper North Shore) have seen the house.
The Reserve Bank of Australia President Philip Lowe recently issued a statement saying that the official interest rate may remain at a record low of 0.1% until at least 2024.These remarks have added fire to the housing market. Melbourne buyer agent David Morrell said that the current market can only be stopped due to external shocks, such as large-scale international turmoil or re-closure of the city.
He said that the lack of inventory has exacerbated the growth in demand.
He said: "The buyer's interest is there." "The only problem is that there are no sellers in the market. Smart sellers may feel that if they wait until July or September, revenue will increase by 7-9%."
Domain said that in the inner north of Melbourne, a four-bedroom Edwardian house at 89 Beaconsfield Parade was sold to a returnee from Singapore who had never seen the house before nearly 200,000 yuan above the reserve price.


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