1/3 of Australia's new crown vaccine will flow to NSW –

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据悉尼晨锋报报导,澳大利亚三分之一的COVID-19疫苗预计将流向新州。与此同时,州长Gladys Berejiklian希望联邦政府将数千名检疫人员列入优先...

据悉尼晨锋报报导,澳大利亚三分之一的COVID-19疫苗预计将流向新州。与此同时,州长Gladys Berejiklian希望联邦政府将数千名检疫人员列入优先接种名单。

Several state and federal public health and policy staff revealed that the number of isolated hotels and frontline medical workers in NSW is relatively large, and most vaccine doses will be allocated to the state.

Berejiklian hopes that thousands of police, security, and medical personnel in the state's quarantine network will be given priority for vaccination.She believes that Sydney bears the greatest burden in the quarantine and isolation of international arrivals in Australia. "As far as we know, every outbreak is related to the quarantine system, so there are reasons to believe that they should give priority to vaccination." She said, "Vaccines are a nationwide promotion. I hope NSW can take the risks Get the share it deserves."

Adam Kamradt Scott, an expert on epidemic planning and global health security, said that Berejiklian's call is reasonable. "Returning tourists entering Sydney are not only a key risk facing NSW, but also a key risk facing Australia. Compared with community medical staff, quarantine personnel are obviously high-risk groups, especially when we have no community transmission. ."

格兰坦研究所(Grattan Institute)卫生事务负责人、前联邦卫生部部长Stephen Duckett表示,决定如何分配疫苗并不是一件难事。“大约三分之一的隔离工作人员和医疗工作者位于新州,因此新州将获得大约三分之一的疫苗。”他说,而在老年人比例最高的南澳,该州老年人所获得的疫苗比例可能最大。
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