Perth wildfires burn out more than 7000 hectares of land, people are urged to evacuate

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The wildfires in northeast Perth are out of control. As of Tuesday, thousands of hectares of land and dozens of homes have been burnt down.The emergency services department has issued an alert, and people in many places are urged to evacuate as soon as possible, including Wooroloo, Bailup and Gidgegannup. (Illustration: Pixabay)


According to the 9th news network, the wildfire started around 1 o'clock on Monday (1st). With the help of high temperature and strong wind, the fire became more and more fierce. The wind was out of control and spread, burning more than 7000 hectares of land and nearly 30 buildings houses.In addition, two firefighters were burned and a fire engine was burned down.
It is reported that by the evening of yesterday, the thick smoke from the wildfire has covered the entire eastern sky of Perth, which can be clearly seen from the CBD.In the evening, the fire intensified. Although more than 250 firefighters rushed to the scene, the fire could not be controlled and spread quickly.
Initially, the authorities issued an alert urging residents of The Vines, Bailup, Ellenbrook, Gidgegannup, Milledon, Walyunga National Park, Upper Swan, Aveley, Avon Valley National Park, Wundowie, Red Hill, Belhus, Baskerville, Herne Hill, Bullsbrook, Wooroloo and Brigadoon. Evacuate quickly.
As the fire spread, the authorities updated the alert and included other areas: Beechina, Hovea, Stoneville, Parkerville, Mount Helena, Greenmount, Jane Brook, Swan View, Chidlow, Mundaring, Wooroloo, Sawyers Valley in Sund of Mundaring And the City Of Swan.

It can be clearly seen from the website of the emergency services department that the area of ​​wildfire is large, equivalent to the entire Perth metropolitan area.A spokesperson for the department said that the wildfire has a margin of 60 kilometers and has spread across the river.So the authorities warned that the fire was out of control and became unpredictable.In addition, the maximum temperature on Tuesday will reach 37 degrees, so fire control will face severe challenges.

As the situation continues to change, the authorities recommend that people go to or call 13DFES (13 33 37) to get the latest information. 

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