Man rescued drowning child with scars and scars. Police praise: Hero without cloak! -

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1月23日,一名悉尼男子Scott Windon在Mort Bay Park救出了差点遭溺毙的三岁女孩。他奋不顾身的行为导致了自己全身伤痕累累,被警方赞誉:“...

1月23日,一名悉尼男子Scott Windon在Mort Bay Park救出了差点遭溺毙的三岁女孩。他奋不顾身的行为导致了自己全身伤痕累累,被警方赞誉:“不是所有的英雄都披着斗篷。”

According to Yahoo News, Scott Windon and her two daughters went to the Mort Bay Park in Sydney's inner west to play in the water.While playing in the water, Mia Bullimore suddenly fell into the water from a 3-meter-high table for some reason.When Windon saw this, he did not hesitate to pick up the little girl from the groundwater.

Police in Leichhardt stated that everyone present at the time, including Mia's parents, was panicked because their daughter began to sink into the water quickly.

Police said Windon rescued Mia before she sank completely. "He clamped Mia under his left arm, passed a lot of oysters, swam about 70 meters before reaching the nearest exit, and then gave Mia to her parents Ian and Phoebe."

Mia suffered only minor injuries in this incident, while Windon's calf, knee, and thigh were scratched, especially on his feet with three deep wounds.He was treated by paramedics at the scene, and then sent to Royal Prince Alfred to undergo wound cleaning and stitch surgery.

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Leichhardt's police said: "Not all heroes wear cloaks. If it weren't for Scott Windon's quick-thinking, selfless and heroic behavior, this incident might have caused another child to drown."

The police said: "His actions not only saved little Mia's life, but also helped her parents, friends and first responders."

The scorching heat of summer in Australia makes many people take the opportunity to splash in the water outdoors to cool off, which has also led to an increase in drowning cases. On January 1, there was a drowning incident in the Blue Mountains of NSW where he was bravely saved but drowned. Kelly Foster, a 2-year-old senior police officer, was caught in a whirlpool trying to rescue a female Chinese student. Both drowned and the body was found the next day.

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