International students who meet this condition can "jump in the queue" to enter Australia –

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在COVID-19疫情期间,尽管还有高达4万名澳洲人滞留海外,但有1000多名留学生可被允许 “插队”进入澳洲。 澳大利亚人报周六(13日)报道,NCA Ne...

在COVID-19疫情期间,尽管还有高达4万名澳洲人滞留海外,但有1000多名留学生可被允许 “插队”进入澳洲。

澳大利亚人报周六(13日)报道,NCA NewsWire获得的数据显示,自去年8月初以来,澳洲边防局已经给予1050名外国公民豁免澳洲国际旅行禁令。

联邦反对派对这一决定进行了抨击,称这4万名澳人才应该是澳大利亚总理莫里森(Scott Morrison)优先考虑准许入境澳洲的对象。

“相反,他却让国际学生和商业投资签证持有者插队,” 工党参议员Kristina Keneally说,“如果莫里森从这次疫情开始就实施全国性的检疫计划,那么澳洲将有能力安排留学生入境,而不用让那些滞留在海外的澳大利亚人被插队。”

A spokesperson for the Australian Border Guard said that those seeking an exemption must provide evidence of a “convincing case” and meet the exemption category. Students need to provide evidence that they are studying medicine, dentistry, nursing or allied health professions. Evidence, and studies have reached the point where they can be completed in the last two years.In addition, student visa holders must work in an Australian medical institution within the next two months when applying for exemption.

Vicki Thomson, chief executive of the Australian Eight Schools Alliance, said that some universities have provided supporting evidence for students who meet the exemption criteria. "Medical institutions in remote areas of Australia rely heavily on international students studying medicine in Australia. If they cannot enter Australia, the medical system will face severe manpower shortages in the next few years."

Phil Honeywood, chief executive officer of the International Education Association of Australia, welcomed the limited travel exemption provided.But said that compared with the large number of students stranded overseas, the number of students entering this part of the country is only the tip of the iceberg.

Education Minister Alan Tudge was asked last week whether there should be a group of international students coming to Australia. Tudge said, "From a national government, our priority is to bring Australians home." He did not respond to comments on the exemption.

More than 21 people have returned to Australia through hotel quarantine arrangements.

From the ban in March last year to January 3, at least 1 foreign citizens were granted visa exemptions to Australia.

According to the international student trial held in November last year, 11 students arrived in Darwin.

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