Victorian rental housing reform allows minor changes to properties –

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The Victorian government will begin implementing a key reform on rental housing in March, imposing minimum standards for rental properties in Victoria and allowing tenants to make small changes to their rental housing.According to the Sun Herald, this means that tenants do not need to solicit housing...



Victorian rental properties must also meet minimum standards, including working heating in the living room, hot and cold water in the bathroom and laundry, and the use of ovens, stoves and sinks in the kitchen.

The complete list was released by Governor Linda Dessau on Wednesday (27th). This list was determined during the public consultation process and will take effect on March 3.Some of these projects are already in effect. For example, landlords cannot "unreasonably" prevent tenants from raising pets, and rent increases are limited to only once a year.

维州消费者事务厅长Melissa Horne表示,这些改革旨在“保护较弱势的租户群体,将出租房屋变成他们真正的家”。
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