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周六(13日),莫纳什大学法律系副教授Luke Beck发推特称,维州最新的封锁指导建议其实是14天的封锁,而非周五宣布的5天。有人担心维州封锁5天只是“缓兵...

周六(13日),莫纳什大学法律系副教授Luke Beck发推特称,维州最新的封锁指导建议其实是14天的封锁,而非周五宣布的5天。有人担心维州封锁5天只是“”,面对大众与媒体的担忧,维州首席卫生官Brett Sutton于周六发表讲话说,就目前情况而言,没有计划将封锁时长再延长9天。

Victoria's new lockdown Directions are in force for 2 weeks (not 5 days), unless further new Directions are issued to end the lockdown earlier #lockdown #springst #vicpol

— Luke Beck (@DrLukeBeck) February 12, 2021

According to a document from the Victorian Department of Public Health Services, the safety period is from 2pm on February 12 to 11.59pm on February 2.This document comes from the health guidance of Brett Sutton, Victoria's Chief Health Officer, and can be viewed in full.

The Times reported that Sutton pointed out that as long as the relevant emergency period is extended, all instructions will be written to the end of the emergency. This is for all instructions for all periods. Therefore, when we think we need to change the settings, these instructions will be Cancellation... This has been used before, and we have a clear date for relaxing the restrictions; moreover, this is a guide for handling methods and should not be interpreted as our intention to extend the blockade. "For now, it will be blocked for 5 days."

在周五维州州长安德鲁斯公布维州进入5天的第四阶段封锁状态后,周五晚间,有数百人集中在墨尔本中央商务区表示抗议。据悉,当时为防止聚集,警方在Flinders Street车站的台阶上设置障碍物,游行队伍则朝着Rod Laver Arena继续。

The protesters were dissatisfied with the losses caused by the closure of the city, worried that five days would be a mitigation measure, and Andrews criticized the protesters for spreading the virus.

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